is a travel blog on ‘luxury destinations’ worldwide. Discerning couples enjoy inspirational travel reports from city trips, tours, boutique and design hotels, golf, wellness and spa resorts as well as gourmet restaurants.

extensive background in the travel industry, passionate enthusiasm for photography and a firm belief that luxury destinations can also be affordable; were some of the main factors that motivated him to create

Walter Schaerer’s Passion for Travel and Photography


For six years, Walter was in charge of developing web initiatives for two leading Swiss tour operators: Kuoni Group and Hotelplan. He was part of a team of experts that collaborated to create various innovative websites. During this time, Walter’s assignments were predominantly in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Furthermore, Walter‘s formal training as an architect has provided him with expert knowledge in visual communications – a skill that has contributed greatly to develop his photographic eye, which he spends time to perfecting at every opportunity.

Photographer Walter Schaerer in Cisternino, Puglia, Italy

Still in its early stages, has grown quickly, due in part to Walter’s current successful blog; a (German-language) Swiss travel blog ( and the valuable social media resources that he acquires with his current position as a business development manager.

Walter Schaerer skills summary: Walter is a travel addict, passionate photographer and blogger. By working with international tour operators he has learned the ins and outs of the travel industry. His formal education in architecture has taught him how to take photographs with an artistic edge. Additionally, his acquired web skills make the publication of this blog effortless.

Swiss Travel Writer Tourism Journalist Walter Schaerer

Business summary: When not travelling, Walter is based in Zurich, Switzerland. His current position as a business development manager keeps him continuously occupied. Despite this, Walter has made the time to create a german-language informative e-business blog about social media, web 2.0 and SEO:

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Planning-Ninja and Co-Author Katja Birrer

Co-author and co-traveller not only is a vivid copywriter but also the driving force behind travelmemo’s booking desk. She researches the attractive venues and oversees the booking agreements. There is not a single detail that will escape her (lovely green) eyes.


As a communications, events and marketing expert in real life she is a significant driver of this travel blog.

Katja Birrer in Puglia's Relais Histo hotel near Taranto

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What Can Make Your Experience Better?

The main focus of this blog is to inspire travelers to expand their horizons and make the most of their worldwide adventures. We are happy when we inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more.

The main topics include unique accommodations, fine dining, romantic escapes, inventive activities, detailed itinerary suggestions, exceptional golf courses and much more! attracts a monthly audience of 3’000 unique visitors from all over the world, predominantly from the US and the UK.

Please contact us with any suggestions or requests for specific destinations, locations or events.



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    • Sure!

      I’ve travelled Canada during three months back in 2001. It’s a gorgeous country and perfectly suited for travelling!
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      I’ll be happy to link back to your site!

  2. Dear Walter and Katja
    I was really interested to come across your fantastic blog. I have a small boutique company called Toma Tours and our focus is in-depth high-end tourism. We offer Day Trips (mostly in the Cadiz region as we are based in Algeciras) but also have circuit tours throughout Andalucia and are branching out into Morocco in the near future. I would love to invite one /both of you on one of our tours should you be interested. Kindest Regards Manni Coe

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