Home exchange – enjoy FREE luxury vacation accommodation (and all the comforts of home!)


Imagine completely cutting out expensive hotel costs while also enjoying the space and convenience of a stylish away from home while on your vacation. You can do exactly that by arranging a home swap. Home exchanging is not a new concept (it started in the 1950s) but over recent years has become increasingly popular as more people discover the benefits.

Guest post by Mark Sealey.


Travel Blog Statistics – How travelmemo.com Compares to the ‘Average’ Travel Blogger


FHR and Pork Pies, a social media agency, conducted a State of Travel Blogging survey among travel bloggers. I was surprised by two of the stats. While it seems obvious that most travel bloggers try to monetize their blogs I was surprised to learn that the majority runs more than one travel blog. We run two travel blogs ourselves for historical reasons (and some others) but I thought that would be an exception, not the rule.