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The Wharf Birchgrove, built in 2009, is located on the site of a former shipyard owned by the Stannard Brothers boat building company, and sits directly above Sydney’s largest private wharf. Constructed in 1946, the 70m jetty was once a working wharf handling all manner of goods, and home to boat sheds and garages for ship repairs.

Just 3.7km from the CBD, Birchgrove-Balmain is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Before exploring the neighbourhood, we stopped for great coffee at the historic Gladstone Store. It’s a corner shop which dates back to 1886, one of a row of eight quaint terrace houses with their characteristic wrought iron balustrades, dating back to an era when the suburb was home to heavy industry and dockyard workers.

Justine Tyerman’s childhood fantasy comes true at a palatial harbourside apartment in Sydney . . . When I was a little girl, pretending to be a princess in a palace was one of my favourite games. My obliging friends played the role of my courtiers but I don’t recall them having a turn as princess!

Sydney is one of the world’s most beautiful cities with a spectacular harbour, iconic Opera House and majestic bridge. So as part of your Australian holiday in Sydney, stay in style in one of the many five-star hotels in the heart of the city. Here’s a collection of five of the most luxurious hotels in Sydney. By Lyndon Barnett. Photographs by Walter Schaerer.

Out of a one-month stay in Australia we spent 2 full days in Sydney. The Establishment hotel in the Rocks district near the harbour is awesome, we can highly recommend it.

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