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This post is about the time recently that saw us dining at the Hotel Riva Konstanz by Germany’s Lake Constance. We leave it to you, dear fellow traveler, to judge which was the greater tragedy: the story of the curvaceous Imperia, Shakespeare’s tale of the beautiful Ophelia, or how we failed to recognize the star chef of the gourmet restaurant that bears Ophelia’s name. Yes, a tragic tale, but true…

The classic answer to the question “What are the must-see attractions in Dresden?” normally goes something like this: The baroque Frauenkirche church, the Semperoper opera house, the Residenzschloss ducal palace with its Grünes Gewölbe treasure vault, the Gemäldegalerie art museum, the rococo Zwinger palace and the Elbe river that flows through the city known as the “Florence on the Elbe.”

Located at the edge of the captain’s village of Keitum on Sylt, the Kontorhaus represents a special sort of venue indeed: for in what tea trading post (“Kontorhaus”) can you not only sip from a seemingly infinite variety of teas, but also select your home furnishings or, if you choose, even try living in them before you make up your mind? And in a designer’s heaven at that?

The island of Sylt is justly renowned for its high-flying culinary offerings. Even in restaurants without stars and toques we feasted exceptionally well. Still, we did not want to deprive ourselves of dining in one of the gourmet establishments. We chose Alexandro Pape’s Fährhaus, known for a kitchen that is “worth its salt”.

Currywurst (curry sausage) is legend in Berlin and you might say that makes it the city’s culinary emblem. But Berlin in the last few years has turned into a true culinary hot spot and lately it is hotel restaurants that have come into the limelight. We let the following hotels dish up their best for us…

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