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Justine Tyerman surprises herself with her daring exploits in Morocco… I travelled undercover in Morocco. Being a bit of a coward, I was a little concerned about developments in North Africa and the Middle East. And just to make me feel even more anxious about my forthcoming most adventurous trip to date, my well-travelled boss’s parting words to me were “never identify yourself as a journalist in the part of that world”.

The luxury hotel ‘La Mamounia’ is located at a short walk from Marrakech’s city centre. It is said to offer one of Africa’s most atmospheric spa & wellness setups. Next time around I should free up some more time in order to check with my own eyes ;-)

The ‘Djemaa el Fna’ in Marrakech is one of the UNESCO’s ‘masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritages of humanity’. Street performers, fortune-tellers and charlatans offer their arts between food and beverage stalls.

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