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I’ve stayed in many hotels and lodges around the world, from ritzy to rustic, but Snooze in Christchurch is the coolest of them all. The communal concept really appeals to me. Warm, welcoming, friendly and decidedly quirky, it fills a yawning gap at the affordable end of the Christchurch accommodation market.

The occasion was our annual get-together, a time when our daughters fly in from far-away places to reconnect as a family. We chose Auckland’s West Coast beaches because the region is close to the city and none of us had ever been there before. Just 50-60 minutes’ drive from the airport, it was easy for us to collect our far-flung family and run away for a long weekend.

I joined Love Home Swap in 2013 and Dave and Emma’s house is one of many fabulous private homes we’ve stayed at around the world. We stayed five nights and paid precisely nothing . . . unless you take into account the beer and nibbles we shared with owners, Dave and Emma, who joined us for a chat one evening.

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