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Funny thing about those beach clubs on Ibiza. On the one hand, they strike me as totally trendy and inviting, but then… do you really need that booming bass to go with the delicious seabass? Well, if you don’t go, you’ll never know. So, we went, and here you have the result: our Ibiza beach club ranking.

It’s no secret that foodies go for Ibiza cuisine. We asked around to get a line on some restaurants that were not just palate-pleasers but also had good vibes. Here we share six eateries culled from those recommended to us that we checked out for ourselves:

In searching for a quiet place to stay during our Ibiza island vacation, I came across plenty of cute boutique hotels. But it was Hacienda Na Xamena that grabbed me the instant I saw it — and not just because it has a profusion of pools…

I travel frequently to Palma de Mallorca, typically spending two or three days a month on the island. And when I overnight in the capital, I prefer the attractive four-star design Hotel Tres. From day one of my first stay there, it has felt like I was coming home.

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