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I travel frequently to Palma de Mallorca, typically spending two or three days a month on the island. And when I overnight in the capital, I prefer the attractive four-star design Hotel Tres. From day one of my first stay there, it has felt like I was coming home.

Just a few kilometers from the village of Sant Llorenc in northeast Mallorca we discovered a small jewel of a boutique hotel! The stylish finca hotel Son Penya sits amid olive, almond, lemon and carob trees and seekers of serenity and lovers of nature could not ask for a better place to stay!

It’s not for nothing that Mallorca is one of the most popular golfing destinations for Europeans: the weather on Spain’s largest island is dependable, the island is easily reached by air in a couple of hours and it sports spectacular golf courses… This time around we took a look at Mallorca’s northeast.

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