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Most our travel bloggers are based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Hence Swiss locations are the easiest for us to cover. We like design and boutique hotels, restaurants, golf courses, scenic railways and a hike every now and then.

The hike from the stylish Blue Lounge to the Fluhalp is easy peasy. It takes you along a glacial moraine high above Zermatt on an ever so slight gradient through the alpine mountain landscape. But even those scant few meters of altitude differential pay off, because the view… Yes, it simply is magic — both there and back again.

Having stayed in Sweden’s ice hotel, Walter is a clever rabbit when it comes to spending the night in ice. Also an Alpine hare, as it turns out. I, being Italian, like my ice in the form of gelato melting in the sun. Nevertheless, good sport that I also am, I let myself be inveigled to spend a night in Zermatt’s Igloo Village…

Recently, we lifted our heads and sniffed fresh mountain air again. Since we are not what you would call “hard core hikers,” we had settled for a simple walking tour in the Alpstein mountain range in Appenzell Canton. Once again, the beauty of these mountains and the lake they call Seealpsee just blew us away!

We surely have no shortage of mountain lakes in Switzerland. Granted, they’re not always easy to reach  — or it may at least take a respectable hike first. Not so in the case of Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma! Let us show you here how to navigate to them for your mountain waterside enjoyment:

Things are happening with the Relais & Châteaux hotel and restaurant association! Eager to highlight the uniqueness of the various Relais & Châteaux houses in Switzerland and create a better understanding of the passion and personal touch their maîtres de maison and chefs bring to these establishments and regions, we were invited to the venerable Mammertsberg in eastern Switzerland. What a treat!

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