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Most our travel bloggers are based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Hence Swiss locations are the easiest for us to cover. We like design and boutique hotels, restaurants, golf courses, scenic railways and a hike every now and then.

Recently, Relais & Châteaux extended invitations to one of their legendary gourmet adventures of the special kind. Happening this time: 17 Gault-Millau points, 1 Michelin star, 1 sommelière, 1 world champion chef in a manor house on the shore of Lake Constance. We naturally couldn’t wait to take it in with all our senses…

Recently, extended invitations for a meet-and-eat of food bloggers at George Bar & Grill in Zurich, Switzerland. Since a good meal also falls into the “lifestyle” category, the renowned food bloggers from Harry’s Ding and Das Filet were joined by a few fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Personally, having up to that point only socialized at similar events for travel bloggers, I was stoked about the new mix…

The German word “Ziege” meaning “goat” in that language can shade into negative connotations, as in “dumme Geiss”, which means “silly goat” (or worse). From there it is not much of a leap to “Zicke,”  in American English a “priss” — an uptight person. However, in Italian the word for goat is “capra” and the sound alone is charming. Then calling something “The Capra” is high English style, and this is what happened with a new boutique hotel in the village of Saas-Fee named – The Capra. Alone the daring choice of moniker was reason enough for us to make the trip to Wallis Canton (Valais)….

Far back in the Vals Valley, a side valley in Surselva, at an altitude of 1,250 meters lies the idyllic mountain village of Vals. Many people visit this Grisons (Graubünden) village because of the mythic Vals Thermal Bath by Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor. In addition, the region around Vals is ideal, multifaceted hiking country. For instance, take a hike with us along the ridiculously spectacular panorama trail from Gadastatt to the Zervreil Reservoir!

Every Sunday there is a brunch of colossal proportions in Montreux: If 120 guests are served during a “normal” Sunday brunch, then this could easily increase to a good 450 on Easter Brunch. We decided to figure out how that isn’t a problem at all for food & beverage manager Michel Fouque…

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