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Sleek Portuguese Vineyard Hotel Architecture – L’AND Vineyards


Situated in Alentejo, a south-central region of Portugal, L’AND Vineyards hotel welcomes visitors to this impressive resort nestled within vineyards and enchanting landscapes. Initially drawn by its eye-catching architecture, we were blown away from first sight!

L’AND vineyards Resort in Portugal

The spectacular L’AND Vineyards Resort is embedded in a winsome landscape dotted with vineyards and cultural heritage marked by a fusion of Neolithic, Roman, Arab and Medieval cultures.

L'AND vineyards resort

L’And vineyards resort

The interior of the hotel mirrors its exterior, with building materials including natural stone, slate and wood combined in balanced proportion by the groundbreaking Brazilian architect Márcio Kogan. The result is an atmospheric combination of luxury, natural beauty and tranquility!

Patio at L'AND vineyards resort

Patio at L’AND vineyards resort

Land and Sky View Suite

The resort offers 22 plush 120 square meter suites, each with a separate bedroom and living room, offering views of the vine garden, a lake and the surrounding nature. For those seeking a romantic getaway, book one of the 10 Sky View Suites that situate the couple asleep directly underneath the stars thanks to a retractable roof window!

Márcio Kogan’s exceptional attention to detail and focus on simplicity has been generously infused into these 10 serene tombs — creating a shangri-la space in which busy couples can escape the hectic pace of modern life.

Living room of sky view suite

Living room of sky view suite

These “love nests” also feature a private interior patio with heated plunge pool! How hot (or cool) is that?

Private patio of sky view suite

Private patio of sky view suite

L’AND Vineyards’ Gourmet Restaurant

The L’AND TASTE gourmet restaurant will take you on a culinary journey through natural and organic cuisine inspired by the time-honored traditions of the Mediterranean.

Scallops on mushroms "girolle" with truffle sabayon

Scallops on mushroms “girolle” with truffle sabayon

The food was high-quality as was the staging, but the combination of too many ingredients was one small strike for the kitchen. Moreover, we felt the restaurant menu was a bit overpriced in general. Nevertheless, L’AND TASTE is still worth a visit, particularly for the superb service and also the magical lamps, which are suspended above diners’ heads like bronze constellations.

L'AND TASTE gourmet restaurant

L’AND TASTE gourmet restaurant

Sales Manager Hugo Valadas on the Hotel’s Concept

During our stay we had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of Hugo Valadas, the hotel’s sales manager and guest service director. He introduced us to the concept around L’AND vineyards, which includes not only the sleek hotel itself but also villas designed by a group of internationally renowned architects.

Travelmemo's Walter and Hugo Valadas’s Walter and sales manager Hugo Valadas

The origin of the L’AND Vineyards project can be traced back to 2003, when the landowners decided to pursue their vision of combining vines and tourism. But rather than building yet another “traditional” hotel, they embarked on a quest to create a harmonious and sensual oasis built in accordance with the surrounding nature.

A second project, the L’AND Reserve Hotel & Spa, is under construction on the shores of Alqueva lake near the Spanish border.

The Alentejo Region

The Alentejo region is a provincial region known for its wine, fine food and culture. Don’t miss visiting nearby Evora. Evora is a kind of open-air museum with a large number of wonderfully preserved monuments and buildings of public interest that led UNESCO to protect it as a World Heritage Site.



Check out L’AND vineyards’ prices and availabilities here.

Here are some more impressions from our stay at this extraordinarily stylish and sleek resort:


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