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Hiking along the Walensee – courtesy of Mammut


We tested: New hiking shoes by Mammut. The test took us to, on, and high above the Walensee…

Mammut Sports Group AG, Switzerland’s world-renowned maker of mountaineering and trekking equipment, has a savvy social media manager in the person of Peter Erni. He has a habit of simply shipping a few pairs of Mammut hiking shoes to points in Switzerland, and then he sits back to see what the travel bloggers do with them. We didn’t have to be asked twice and stepped into the red and black best sellers for an exploration of the Walensee (Lake Walen) area.

Mammut mascot with hiking shoes

A mammoth from Mammut with his hiking shoes

From Walenstadt to Quinten

Along the peaceful Walensee, you can enjoy a “wine hike.” With a caution: Coming from the town of Walenstadt, before reaching the picturesque lakeside trail, be sure you put on really “good footgear” — hiking poles would help as well — so you can negotiate the steep forest hiking trail in good shape. And they who gather their strength in Calusa Beizli before the descent (or after the ascent) certainly won’t go wrong!

It was here in any event that we broke in our Mammut mountain and hiking shoes over Birnbrot (Swiss pear bread) and coffee before starting out in earnest on the acid test.

Seating corner with heart in Calusa Beizli

Seating corner with heart in Calusa Beizli

Hiking shoes by Mammut

Hiking shoes by Mammut

We trekked along below the majestic Churfirsten mountain range, negotiated all sorts of serpentines across roaring creeks on the above-mentioned steep forest section down to the Walensee. Standing on its shore, the wanderer gets fantastic views toward the town of Walenstadt or the hamlet of Quinten. And naturally of the vineyards, otherwise this could not be a wine hike…

Wine hiking trail along the Walensee and the Churfirsten

Wine hiking trail along Walensee and the Churfirsten range

Hiking trail along the Walensee

Hiking trail along the Walensee

View toward Walenstadt

View toward Walenstadt

On arriving in the car-free wine village of Quinten, head for the Alte Post wine cellar. In the small tasting room, you can sample your way through the Quinten Rebli wines Chasselas and Pinot Blanc, Blanc de Noir and finish up with the Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir).

Bottoms up!

Tasting room cellar in the Alte Post

Tasting room cellar in the Alte Post

Since there is not much to hike beyond Quinten, the wiser course is to eat and drink on the lake cruiser that very conveniently docks right by the Alte Post and then glide in sedate comfort back to Walenstadt.

Quinten boat dock and Alte Post

Quinten boat dock and the Alte Post

About those Mammut hiking shoes

Mammut’s advertising campaign with a Matterhorn theme is maybe just a bit  “over the top” for the Comfort High GTX Surround model, the comfortable and relatively soft shoe that we tested. Honestly, I’m not sure I would make it to the summit in them. There’s also the shape I’m (not) in, of course…

Matterhorn advertising theme by Mammut

Matterhorn advertising theme by Mammut

But then, for mountain climbing Mammut makes a “real” Alpinist model, the Magic Advance High GTX, among others (by the way, who thinks up these names? sounds like the shoes might fly you to the moon.)

As indicated at the start, the shoes came to us courtesy of Mammut. Thank you, Per Eni, for the super-comfortable hiking shoes! No way are you getting them back :-)

The wine hike with stops at Calusa Beizli, at a fire pit by the Walensee, and the wine tasting in the Alte Post was organized by Nina and Thomas of Outivity.

How the Mammuts fared on the Chäserrugg high above the Walensee in the Churfirsten range is recorded in our travel report on a truly spectacular hike at altitude…


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