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In SBB comfort to Verbier in Wallis with RailAway


The Wallis ski area “4 Vallées / Mont Fort” around Verbier promises unlimited sports possibilities and pure snow fun! You can take advantage of the SBB RailAway Combo Passes to reach this winter sports paradise!

Because it’s sane take the train…and we tested it:

Train departing from Visp station

Train departing from Visp station

That they recently opened the hip “W” design hotel in Verbier (here is what we wrote in our travel memo) was reason enough to embark on the “long trip” from Zurich to the Wallis.

Lugging the usual blogger‘s equipment, including tons of photographic equipment, we got moving – into the train compartment, to be exact.

Our luggage for the trip to Verbier

Our luggage for the trip to Verbier

Snow’n’Rail – Discounted winter sport offers from SBB

Having no desire to get stuck in traffic and wanting to get there stress-free, we decided to go by train. Can anything beat traveling in comfort with a fine breakfast in the SBB bistro car??

Coffee and croissants in the SBB bistro car

Coffee and croissants in the SBB bistro car

From left to right, travel bloggers Walter, Dimitri, Katja, and Mamiko.

The ride in the bistro compartment evidently turned out to be entertaining and, of course, endless shop talk dominated with four travel bloggers ride the rails together…
And there was much to photograph. I believe in Wallis they call it an occupational hazard .


The SBB‘s Snow’n’Rail offer

In addition, with their Snow’n’Rail packages, the SBB offers Snow’n’Rail package very attractive deals, including

  • 20% discount on a return ticket to Le Chable or Verbier (must be specified when purchasing your ticket)
  • a discounted 1- or 2-day ski pass for the entire region 4 Vallées / Mont Fort (you exchange the voucher at the valley stations!)
  • 15% off at Intersport Rent
  • 30% off on the 1- and 2-day ski passes for children and adolescents (only combined with the Snow’n’Rail offer)

That kind of savings can add up…

The respective offers are good from the end of November until the end of ski season (depending on snow conditions). Click here for for details of the RailAway “4 Vallées / Mt-Fort” package.

Verbier – for snow enthusiasts

Besides the new design hotel, picturesque chalets, and the delicious raclette, Verbier has a lot to offer when it comes to ski areas and vistas:

View from Mont Fort at 3,300 meters above sea level.

View from Mont Fort at 3,300 meters above sea level.

In the 4 Vallées/Mont Fort Ski Area , with its 92 lifts and 410 kilometers of ski runs, you can live the sport of skiing to the fullest. Beginners and pros alike will find ideal conditions in an idyllic setting.

Modern and efficient ski lifts transport you to peak after peak. And from Mont Fort, at 3,330 meters above sea level, you can enjoy an exceptional and breathtaking 360o panorama , with views of the Matterhorn, Grand Combin and Mont Blanc!

360o panorama from Mont Fort

360o panorama from Mont Fort

During the five months from early December to late April, pure snow fun reigns supreme in idyllic Verbier. Slopes for every taste and level let snow sports addict hearts beat faster. Ours included!

Winter 2014 attractions

In Verbier, not only do cool hotels promote cosmopolitan flair but so do international snow sports events. You’ll find all events here. Have fun!

Our thanks this time go to …

A sincere thank you to Leandro Roder, in charge of communications for RailAway for facilitating this trip!

And thanks to our fellow bloggers from Newly Swissed for the RailAway contact referral and for being good train companions ;-)


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