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In San Sebastián in the Basque Country there are hundreds of Pintxo bars. Tapas can be found on every corner. Here are my tips for a pintxo tour:

There’s more to rice than boiling a cup of basmati in the microwave, as Justine Tyerman discovers on a trip to Laos.

Lithuania’s capital was the 2009 European Culture Capital and you can sense with every step and every turn why. It is at once historic, baroque, a little bit nuts, and hip and trendy! Vilnius is young Europe but with its own unique personality traits.  

“Wow! There really are many great, “under-discovered” spots in this world of ours.”  That was the brief note I received from a friend after I had euphorically sent out a plethora of pictures that I had taken in Lithuania’s capital city. 

The Sarntal Valley’s ancient Roherhaus farmstead, parts of which date back to the 13th century, today functions as a museum. Our visit let us experience farming life, living tradition, crafts, joie de vivre and a contagious portion of sly humor! 

In Dresden, I encountered a proud, historic city with folksy inhabitants and imposing baroque architecture decked out for Christmas. 800 years old, rebuilt and vibrant today, this compact city is also known as the “Florence on the Elbe.”

The classic answer to the question “What are the must-see attractions in Dresden?” normally goes something like this: The baroque Frauenkirche church, the Semperoper opera house, the Residenzschloss ducal palace with its Grünes Gewölbe treasure vault, the Gemäldegalerie art museum, the rococo Zwinger palace and the Elbe river that flows through the city known as the “Florence on the Elbe.”

Justine Tyerman surprises herself with her daring exploits in Morocco… I travelled undercover in Morocco. Being a bit of a coward, I was a little concerned about developments in North Africa and the Middle East. And just to make me feel even more anxious about my forthcoming most adventurous trip to date, my well-travelled boss’s parting words to me were “never identify yourself as a journalist in the part of that world”.

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