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The “10 Manos” are a cooking quintet of Argentinia’s most trendsetting and creative chefs. They put on their show for the first time in Switzerland in March 2018, where they presented the innovative side of Argentina’s cuisine in the Rive Gauche Restaurant of the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich.

The name is Tato Giovannoni and he is guest barman at the Gustofestival, most recently held in Zurich. Together with the “10 Manos”, five Argentinian star chefs cooking up a storm for the festival, he used that occasion to provide the Festival guests insights into Argentina’s cuisine… and its cocktails…

Why are there storks nesting on the roof of a five-star hotel in Zurich? . . . Justine Tyerman learns the legend of the ‘Haus zum Storchen’. She also discovers how ‘savoir-faire with tradition’ has saved the soul but polished the visage of a much-loved city landmark.

Recently, extended invitations for a meet-and-eat of food bloggers at George Bar & Grill in Zurich, Switzerland. Since a good meal also falls into the “lifestyle” category, the renowned food bloggers from Harry’s Ding and Das Filet were joined by a few fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Personally, having up to that point only socialized at similar events for travel bloggers, I was stoked about the new mix…

In trendy Zurich-West, there are a number of spectacular brunches to enjoy. But only the Clouds Bistro located on the 35th floor of the Prime Tower, Zurich’s tallest building, will serve you a breathtaking view of Zurich and the lake with your breakfast. And so, on Sunday, we rose to those lofty heights to sample their “Urban Breakfast”…

Located in downtown Zurich, the Hiltl restaurant offers an eclectic Sunday brunch buffet. At first at least, it may take a bit of getting used to searching for the “normal” brunch staples like eggs sunny-side up or muesli among all the hot, Indian-inspired lentil, chickpea and sundry other dumplings. And you will definitely look in vain for the fried bacon. And we’ve also seen bigger cheese buffets. But once you have wrapped your mind around starting Sunday morning by consuming warm vegetarian creations, you’re ready to enjoy this brunch buffet to the fullest!

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