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The hike from the stylish Blue Lounge to the Fluhalp is easy peasy. It takes you along a glacial moraine high above Zermatt on an ever so slight gradient through the alpine mountain landscape. But even those scant few meters of altitude differential pay off, because the view… Yes, it simply is magic — both there and back again.

Having stayed in Sweden’s ice hotel, Walter is a clever rabbit when it comes to spending the night in ice. Also an Alpine hare, as it turns out. I, being Italian, like my ice in the form of gelato melting in the sun. Nevertheless, good sport that I also am, I let myself be inveigled to spend a night in Zermatt’s Igloo Village…

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The tramping boots (TBs) were a little bewildered at spending January in the fierce cold of a Northern Hemisphere winter. I caught them looking around for their usual tramping ground of golden tussock in a sun-scorched Central Otago, New Zealand summer, far from the silver white snow-scape of the French Alps winter.

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In December 2013 Starwood hotel group opened “W Verbier” – their first alpine escape. Verbier is the internationally renowned ski resort in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The hotel is the first of its kind in Switzerland, setting new standards with the design-led lifestyle-brand. We had a close look, check out our video review!

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