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Imagine completely cutting out expensive hotel costs while also enjoying the space and convenience of a stylish away from home while on your vacation. You can do exactly that by arranging a home swap. Home exchanging is not a new concept (it started in the 1950s) but over recent years has become increasingly popular as more people discover the benefits. By Mark Sealey.

In the last 10 years the demand for luxury travel to Peru has significantly grown. Nowadays it’s not just a vacation spot for hardy backpackers and hikers, but a destination that serves travellers seeking a higher level of service and comfort. With the majority of international visitors heading to the heartland of the Inca Empire – the City of Cusco, high up in the Andes has seen an influx of high-end and innovative eateries catering to the more discerning traveller. Although there are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from, only a handful actually make the grade. If you are…

The capital cities of Europe are among the most chic, romantic and fashionable in the world, and cities such as Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona offer magnificent sights, attractions of historical significance and fabulous luxury accommodations. The drawback is that the cost of visiting the most famous European destinations reflects their standing, and as a result vacations in the prime locations are expensive. Clever travelers, however, have long been able to circumvent the crowds and find marvelous hidden treasures in underrated destinations, but without compromising on the quality and level of luxury offered by their chosen spot. By Dave and…

Olá e benvindo ao Brasil – Translates into “Hello and welcome to Brazil”. Be prepared to hear this often when you step foot onto the warm and friendly country of Brazil. You’ve seen them at the Olympic Games; the super-devoted fans decked out with bright green and yellow attire. If you are planning to visit Brazil someday soon, it might be fun to tie in your visit with the 2014 World Cup or the 2016 Olympic games. Once you arrive, try to make time to see some of the following sites, in between all the soccer, swimming and track events.…

Ibiza is famous the world over as a top clubbing destination. However, there is much more to this island than all-night raves and sun-kissed beaches. Here, we shall take a look at three of the top activities for those who want to explore the rest of the White Isle.

Everyone deserves a vacation. The hardest part about planning a vacation though is deciding where to actually go. You literally have thousands of great destinations to choose from across the world. This is of course assuming you have the budget to do so. By Joselyn Seifer.

Barcelona has a deserved reputation as the nightlife capital of Europe. The city offers the usual dizzying array of nightclub, bars and other hang-outs you’d find in any other major European capital. They key difference however is timing, this is a city which is happy to party until 7am on a week day, drink a few cups of coffee and head to the office. By Adam Cobb.

Summertime is the time for escape. For children, the season represents an escape from the classrooms. For adults on vacation, it is a time of escape from reality, the worries at home. For everyone, it’s simply an escape from the cold, grueling winter months. That vacation time for adults is precious time. By travel writer David Bryce.

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