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Playing golf is such a thing: Some people do not consider it a sport at all, others are very determined to play it, but it is a source of inspiration and quite a challenge for us…

Whether for lack of practice or talent, our playing strength has been swinging a little above handicap 30 for years. Nevertheless, we (Katja and Walter) have fun and so we usually fight hard fought duels for the day’s victory or sometimes even the “tournament victory” when we play several places in a row.

In any case, golf usually takes place under very beautiful scenic conditions.

And if you are anything like us, you maybe want to read this article on how to play golf.

Or take tips from the golf pro with you…

And for anything else, there’s Golfers Authority. The father and son team provides unbiased reviews, buyer guides, tips, and advice that can and will help you improve your golf game.

Here are our golf tips and reviews on eventful golf trips.

It’s not for nothing that Mallorca is one of the most popular golfing destinations for Europeans: the weather on Spain’s largest island is dependable, the island is easily reached by air in a couple of hours and it sports spectacular golf courses… This time around we took a look at Mallorca’s northeast.

When autumn approaches we usually look for a destination to spend some more sunny days to extend the summer. Autumn is the perfect season to travel to Portugal since it offers visitors a wealth of culture, beautiful landscape and great golf courses! Besides from stellar boutique hotels, of course…

Portugal is well known for its stellar golf courses. The wide range of golf resorts in Portugal will appeal to all golfers. Most of the renowned courses are in the South of Portugal, in the Algarve. However, Portugal’s centre, and the Lisbon coast offer some exceptional places, too! We had a close look…

Located near Cascais, one of the most richest municipalities in Portugal, The Oitavos Hotel is only a 20 minute drive from Lisbon. One reads, on the hotel website, that the Oitavos seeks to “embrace rather than compete with nature,” and it succeeds in doing just that — the ambiance of the hotel seamlessly merges ultra modern interior design with the wild natural surroundings, including the lush Oitavos Dunes golf course and the rippling Atlantic oceanfront.

Lavish Finca Cortesin Hotel & Golf Club is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Costa del Sol aka Costa del Golf. The hotel’s palatial design is inspired by traditional Andalusian architecture and gives every area a big, bright and luxuriously spacious feel. Check out our full travelogue!

The DoubleTree by Hilton Acaya Golf Resort is located near Lecce, in the splendid Salento district of Southern Italy in Puglia. The golf resort stretches across almost 300 acres of pristine countryside and offers 18 holes of challenging golf play! Check out some of our golf photography!

Built next to the famed San Domenico Golf Course and a few steps away from the Adriatic sea,  the Borgo Egnazia Resort’s inviting rural village style stands out.  The stone architecture, the stylish decoration and the special atmosphere created by the surrounding scenery — olive and lemon trees,  fragrant flower and prickly pears — all contribute to create an extraordinary experience.

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