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The conversation, standing by the outside fire at the Cardrona pub drinking tummy-warming gluhwein and feasting on wedges with naughty sour cream, went something like this. Should we have our fourth consecutive day at Cardrona… or ski somewhere else?

On a cold, drizzly autumn day, is there anything better than retreating into a warm, cozy cocoon? This is exactly the autumn delight that the Seerose Resort & Spa on Hallwilersee (Lake Hallwil) celebrates in multiple ways…

It never ceases to surprise on Mallorca; barely have you left a village on a side street and you find yourself in the countryside in no time at all. Already as I passed the first entrance gate, in the distance I saw a seigneurial and imposing country mansion dating to the year 1881.

Having read a great deal about the Chedi Andermatt Hotel and after getting many positive comments on it, we had planned for some time to visit this hotel setting new standards in the luxury Alpine hotel business.

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