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Restaurant tips from all over the world. After all, there is nothing like a fine meal or an encouraging brunch in an appealing restaurant.

Gastronomy is an eternally exciting and important topic. Daily…

Here are our restaurant reviews, which are not included in the Gourmet or Gault-Millau segment. But are still worth a visit:

Tuscany is a paradise for gourmands. Regional specialties range from wild pig to Pecorino cheese and truffles to the renowned cantucci almond cookies. In the mountain village of Castelfalfi we tasted our way through the exquisite Tuscan cuisine:

The “10 Manos” are a cooking quintet of Argentinia’s most trendsetting and creative chefs. They put on their show for the first time in Switzerland in March 2018, where they presented the innovative side of Argentina’s cuisine in the Rive Gauche Restaurant of the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich.

The name is Tato Giovannoni and he is guest barman at the Gustofestival, most recently held in Zurich. Together with the “10 Manos”, five Argentinian star chefs cooking up a storm for the festival, he used that occasion to provide the Festival guests insights into Argentina’s cuisine… and its cocktails…

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in highly fashionable Ascona and along its lake promenade. But who knows about Restaurant Marina, located just a stone’s throw farther down by the lake? Better yet, who knows its star designer? He is into colors… and spaghetti!

Justine Tyerman fell in love with the cuisine and beer in Laos.

“Igniv” means “nest” in the Rheto-Romanic language spoken in parts of Switzerland. It is the name (in all caps) that Grisons star chef Andreas Caminada gave his second new restaurant brand that he developed and then opened in Bad Ragaz, putting his long-time sous-chef Silvio Germann in to run the kitchen for what would be the test of a new dining experience: serving gourmet cuisine, but in many small portions that are meant to be shared. By creating this “feathered nest” for the youngster, Caminada also put his reputation on the line. How would it all turn out?

This post is about the time recently that saw us dining at the Hotel Riva Konstanz by Germany’s Lake Constance. We leave it to you, dear fellow traveler, to judge which was the greater tragedy: the story of the curvaceous Imperia, Shakespeare’s tale of the beautiful Ophelia, or how we failed to recognize the star chef of the gourmet restaurant that bears Ophelia’s name. Yes, a tragic tale, but true…

Zurich has a new NENI restaurant. It comes with a hotel: The 25hours Langstrasse, which sparkles not just because of its special location between the red-light district and Europaallee (Europa Avenue), its colorful design rooms and Kamasutra-themed bar, but also because of this restaurant serving Mediterranean fare with a Middle Eastern flair.

Bond’s bungee jump from the 220-meter high Verzasca Dam – who doesn’t remember it? However, we would just as soon not book this ultimate adrenaline rush by Lago di Vogorno — because a helicopter ride to “Rustico del Sole,” a restaurant located a scant 5 km as the crow flies from the dam, is no less spectacular!  

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