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“Hamilton Lodge” is not really what you would call a usual name for a lodge. Especially one located on a Wallis Alp in the Swiss mountains. But host John Wegink was so taken by the story of glaciologist John Tyndall and his wife Louisa Hamilton that he had to name his lodge after her. This, even though she slipped her beloved husband a deadly potion!

The passengers on the train from Chur to Bever thought New Zealanders Justine and Chris Tyerman were crazy. But the Kiwi couple blended in well among the other outdoor fanatics at the trendy, three-star, hyper-modern Bever Lodge, Switzerland’s first hotel built using an innovative modular wooden construction technique.

“Mis huus, dis huus – mis Herz isch es Hotel” (“My house, your house – my heart is a hotel.” ) Even though the song by Switzerland’s award-winnning rap duo Lo & Leduc (they rap in the Swiss German dialect) has absolutely no connection to the Hotel HUUS in Gstaad, I couldn’t get the catchy tune out of my mind during the drive there. Maybe it was that Latino groove?

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