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South Tyrol’s provincial capital radiates a straightforward warm-heartedness. Italian “dolce vita” and German thoroughness go hand in hand here. You have the picture-perfect Old Town to explore; churches, castles, and museums await your visit. Here are six tips for activities (with Google map) that I enjoyed and think you might, too. 

Granada is a vibrant city in Spain’s southern Andalusia region. The university and its young students, pedestrian zones and countless restaurants and tapas bars make for a splendid backdrop of the all famous Alhambra fortress: If you are not afraid of mixing up khalifs and sultans, mosques and churches, visit the spectacular attraction right next to the city center!

St. Petersburg, the city of the tsars, is a perfect destination for people looking for a cultural city trip. St. Petersburg’s history and rich cultural traditions have inspired some of the modern world’s greatest literature, music and visual art.

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