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The name of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz already hints at what an awesome facility it is. Designed by a superb architect, blessed with a natural thermal bath whose water is naturally heated to an ideal 36.5 degrees, this is the perfect place for splashing around in for a weekend!

Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona is the best vacation hotel in Switzerland. Maybe it has to do with the sensational location on Lake Maggiore or the impeccable service. But, for us, perhaps the biggest draw of all were the interiors by star designer Carlo Rampazzi.

It’s no secret for readers of our blog that we are very partial to design hotels. In Mauritius, near Belle Mare we made the discovery of Long Beach Mauritius that stands out from the rest! And not just barely… The many awesome luxury resorts that line the picture book beaches on Mauritius for the most part are built in the classical, colonial style. However, during one of my Internet patrols, I came across the Long Beach Mauritius. Clearly, here is a difference… Modern architecture at the Long Beach Hotel The hotel’s white, cubistic architecture contrasts hugely with that of the…

Mauritius – the dream island in the Indian Ocean is a coveted destination for many travelers. Little wonder, because Mauritius scores with white sand beaches, luscious green palm trees, and turquoise ocean waters. So, what to go for first? On our recent visit, we collected 15 venues and things you can do for entertainment on the island:

Bond’s bungee jump from the 220-meter high Verzasca Dam – who doesn’t remember it? However, we would just as soon not book this ultimate adrenaline rush by Lago di Vogorno — because a helicopter ride to “Rustico del Sole,” a restaurant located a scant 5 km as the crow flies from the dam, is no less spectacular!  

In searching for a quiet place to stay during our Ibiza island vacation, I came across plenty of cute boutique hotels. But it was Hacienda Na Xamena that grabbed me the instant I saw it — and not just because it has a profusion of pools…

Justine Tyerman spends a long weekend at a stunning beachfront home on the Bouddi Peninsula New South Wales Central Coast, highly recommended by Luxe Houses, an ultra-luxury villa rental agency based in Sydney.

The Wharf Birchgrove, built in 2009, is located on the site of a former shipyard owned by the Stannard Brothers boat building company, and sits directly above Sydney’s largest private wharf. Constructed in 1946, the 70m jetty was once a working wharf handling all manner of goods, and home to boat sheds and garages for ship repairs.

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