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The occasion was our annual get-together, a time when our daughters fly in from far-away places to reconnect as a family. We chose Auckland’s West Coast beaches because the region is close to the city and none of us had ever been there before. Just 50-60 minutes’ drive from the airport, it was easy for us to collect our far-flung family and run away for a long weekend.

After a recent hike to Aspiring Hut we stayed in luxury at a Love Home Swap house in Wanaka with magnificent views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Check out this architecture award winner!

The mountain village of Vals in the Surselva district of Grisons (Graubünden) is best known for its famous “Vals” mineral water or the legendary Vals Thermal Baths. And if you love masterpieces by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, be prepared to fall for Hotel 7132.

Located at the edge of the captain’s village of Keitum on Sylt, the Kontorhaus represents a special sort of venue indeed: for in what tea trading post (“Kontorhaus”) can you not only sip from a seemingly infinite variety of teas, but also select your home furnishings or, if you choose, even try living in them before you make up your mind? And in a designer’s heaven at that?

While meandering through some properties on my favourite accommodation website I found a gorgeous home in Auckland. Staying there was like living inside the pages of a design magazine!…

Since the financial crisis, Iceland’s capital Reykjavik has got a vitreous “harp” – the conference and concert house “Harpa”, located in the harbour area. We got a glimpse of it and gave it a listen.

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