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Who doesn’t know them, the glamorous Big Five of African wildlife: the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros? Unbeknownst to many (including me, before I went on this safari), a few “ugly ducklings” carve out an existence in their shadow. Humorously called the “Ugly Five”, just what are the creatures that make it onto that ignominious list?

The Okavango Delta is a one of a kind, must-see phenomenon for anyone traveling to Botswana. Being the largest inland river delta also means it has one of Africa’s highest concentrations of wildlife! It’s enough to make any safari lover’s heart beat faster. Ours included, to be sure!

Botswana’s Chobe National Park, which takes its name from the river flowing through it, shelters one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The largest remaining population of elephants on earth survives here. For us it was reason enough to mount our telephoto lens and start stalking the huge beasts — eye to eye, so to speak!

Kangaroo Island features many of Australia’s attractions on a single large island off Adelaide, but it also has a few additional peculiarities such as sea lions, fur seals and the ‘Remarkable Rocks’ formation.

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