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We had the pleasure of accompanying the maiden flight of a Trans Maldivian Airways seaplane from Malé in the high northern atolls of the Maldives: We landed in the luxurious Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, where a full-blown reception committee, including a local “band”, was waiting for us. Here’s how that sounds like…

Flying out of Charles de Gaulle Airport was an emotional affair. Having spent a few weeks on a long-planned, European Alps ski tour with our far-flung adult off-spring, I was not sure when we would see them again… or whether this was my last-ever glimpse of Paris.

When we airline passengers step into a plane to anywhere, we are mostly unaware of this: For a new flight route to take off takes years of planning! SWISS, on the occasion of its inaugural flight Zurich to Singapore, provided a few glimpses of what it takes for such a “project” to get off the ground:

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