Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

Ideas for a one-week Oman road trip. Tour the mountains near Nizwa, overnight in the desert dunes, relax on a beach-side holiday at The Chedi Muscat.

We highly recommend going on an adventure to a desert camp not far from Al Wasil. It it only takes a 15-minute drive from Al Wasil to get there. So, here is how we experienced our detour to the dunes:

No tour of Oman is complete without a stay at the spectacular Alila Jabal Akhdar Design Hotel. Deservedly so! Not only the hotel itself, but the location and the views are simply mind-blowing! Not to speak of the sunsets…

The swimming elephants of Botswana’s Chobe River
By Katja Birrer

Botswana’s Chobe National Park, which takes its name from the river flowing through it, shelters one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The largest remaining population of elephants…

Ngoma Safari Lodge dining room with a view
Ngoma Safari Lodge – a wilderness outpost?
By Walter Schaerer

The first place we bedded down in Botswana was at the Ngoma Safari Lodge. We’d heard and read a great deal about this luxury destination: the accommodations are supposedly beyond belief…

Mauritius is a coveted global luxury destination: the island swarms with 5-star hotels, meals are expensive, the golf courses exclusive. But, this Indian Ocean island ringed by paradisiacal beaches also offers some surprising contrasts. Edelweiss Air operates direct flights to Mauritius from Zurich. It takes just (!) an 11-hour flight to your landing in paradise. Here, the beach sand is of an incredible whiteness, the palm trees are a lush green, the ocean is the color of turquoise and the sunsets are almost gaudy. But, leave one of the island’s many luxury resorts and you see a different side of Mauritius. Here…

Although as a kid I watched movies featuring the heroics of fictional Apache chief Winnetou, I am embarrassed to say that until recently(!) I did not know that most of them were shot in 1960s Croatia, by the Plitvice Lakes and waterfalls among other locations. This fangirl wanted to see for herself…

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