Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

It’s no secret for readers of our blog that we are very partial to design hotels. In Mauritius, finding one that qualified turned out to be rather difficult. But, on Long Beach near Belle Mare we made a discovery that stands out from the rest! And not just barely… The many awesome luxury resorts that line the picture book beaches on Mauritius for the most part are built in the classical, colonial style. However, during one of my Internet patrols, I came across the Long Beach Mauritius. Clearly, here is a difference… Modern architecture at the Long Beach Hotel The…

Funicular Muottas Muragl

Hiking Paradise in the Swiss Engadin Valley

By Justine Tyerman

Why is that woman crying? those lunching at the top of Muottas Muragl wondered. New Zealanders Justine and Chris Tyerman were awe-struck with the scenery in the high Engadin Valley.