Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

Travel blog on one-of-a-kind travel experiences

Ribeira, Porto's Old Town at the blue hour
Porto – 13 tips for two days along the Douro
By Walter Schaerer

Porto is the port wine capital. My first priority in this city therefore is clear: nip from the little port wine glass! And I certainly plan to indulge in a bigger glass…

Ngoma Safari Lodge dining room with a view
Ngoma Safari Lodge – a wilderness outpost?
By Walter Schaerer

The first place we bedded down in Botswana was at the Ngoma Safari Lodge. We’d heard and read a great deal about this luxury destination: the accommodations are supposedly beyond belief…

Once, when I was still in elementary school, I went hiking on the Rigi with my class. Back then, I managed to restrain my enthusiasm for hikes – queen of the mountains, oh, puhleeze. But I really looked forward to the part where you got cervelat sausage from the grill or the pure joy of spending a day with your class mates anywhere but in the classroom. I see things a little differently today…

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