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Take two luxury hotels, add two unique restaurants and mix in two modern farms, combine the six establishments into one and, voilà, a new Swiss hospitality brand is born: “The Living Circle.” Different though the six may be, together they share the same purpose: to create an experience that sophisticated visitors won’t soon forget…

I’ve stayed in many hotels and lodges around the world, from ritzy to rustic, but Snooze in Christchurch is the coolest of them all. The communal concept really appeals to me. Warm, welcoming, friendly and decidedly quirky, it fills a yawning gap at the affordable end of the Christchurch accommodation market.

I joined Love Home Swap in 2013 and Dave and Emma’s house is one of many fabulous private homes we’ve stayed at around the world. We stayed five nights and paid precisely nothing . . . unless you take into account the beer and nibbles we shared with owners, Dave and Emma, who joined us for a chat one evening.

It may have just been in a corrugated sheet metal container somewhat off the beaten path in India, but the service was unbelievably good, with a haircut, head and neck massage thrown in, and a close-as-it-gets wet shave — with no razor burn! Never in my life had I experienced anything this good (but the opposite definitely…).

When autumn approaches we usually look for a destination to spend some more sunny days to extend the summer. Autumn is the perfect season to travel to Portugal since it offers visitors a wealth of culture, beautiful landscape and great golf courses! Besides from stellar boutique hotels, of course…

Recently we got invited to present the adventure of our last year’s trip to South America and how we hunted for a story in SWISS Airline’s board magazine. The short presentation “5 weeks in South America & the perks of being a travel blogger” gave the Zurich World Travellers Meetup an overview of the highlights we encountered.

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