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Mombo Camp is the flagship camp of the renowned safari operator Wilderness Safaris. The pinnacle, in other words, of safaris and places to camp out in when in Botswana. It seemed to me like just the thing for my 50th…

The Okavango Delta is a one of a kind, must-see phenomenon for anyone traveling to Botswana. Being the largest inland river delta also means it has one of Africa’s highest concentrations of wildlife! It’s enough to make any safari lover’s heart beat faster. Ours included, to be sure!

The best way to get to Tubu Tree Camp in the Okavango Delta’s labyrinth of watercourses is by small plane. Once the plane sets down on the bush landing strip, there it is: just eight tents on elevated platforms that twine around a few trees with the ensemble adventurously connected by a raised wooden walkway. It’s life in mid-air in these ethno look “tents”.

The first place we bedded down in Botswana was at the Ngoma Safari Lodge. We’d heard and read a great deal about this luxury destination: the accommodations are supposedly beyond belief and the safaris as well. Naturally, we were curious as cats about what was waiting for us in the renowned Chobe National Park…

During our stay at Ngoma Safari Lodge, wild dogs, jackals, and lions all showed us their fangs. And then, Peter, the lodge manager, invited us on a walking safari along the Chobe River. To be sure, with a rifle slung over his shoulder in lieu of us riding safely in a jeep… so what could possibly go wrong?

Botswana’s Chobe National Park, which takes its name from the river flowing through it, shelters one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The largest remaining population of elephants on earth survives here. For us it was reason enough to mount our telephoto lens and start stalking the huge beasts — eye to eye, so to speak!

The spot where the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is located is as unique as the view from here is spectacular: situated on a natural plateau, the lodge is just four kilometers from Victoria Falls and with its exclusive view of a water hole in Zambezi National Park, it promises beastly attractions and much more!

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