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Press and Media Kit is Katja Birrer und Walter Schaerer’s travel blog on luxury destinations worldwide. It’s about luxurious places for discerning couples.

Preferably we publish about city trips, tours, romantic and stylish hotels, lodges, art, golf, wellness, spa and excursions.

We look for attractive photo stops and always try to find special angles in our photography. Our interior hotel photography seeks authenticity as opposed to a hotel’s own sleek professional takes under full lighting. Usually you will never experience the location that way… was launched in November 2010 and now enjoys an audience of 3’200+ monthly visitors (unique visitors), predominantly from the US, UK, Australia, India, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and France. That’s the top ten. So far we had visitors from 177 countries with Timor-Leste at the end of the list. We’re actually only missing visitors from Greenland and some central African countries.

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Promotional Use of Social Networks

We always promote our blog posts via several social networks such as , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest or StumbleUpon.

And we always look out for new players like RebelMouse and check what they might add to our service.

There’s also an RSS feed available via Google’s FeedBurner.

For now Facebook seems to be the most important social network. As is usual for travel sites we reach a predominantly female readership.


Our readers are mostly female in their 35 – 44 years

Twitter has been an important promotional help, too, it keeps being the primary one-to-many push channel. Often times hotels we write about will pick up our tweets or create their own:

The latest is the blog post promotion via


Blog post promotion via


Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and Mobile

We tweak all our titles, URLs, copy, links and photographs to perform well in search engine results. Accordingly non-branded search traffic is by far the largest source for new visitors to find us.

We are also very active on Google+. We expect this to be of growing importance for search engine rankings.


We just recently redesigned our blog to reflect the growing access via mobile devices. While in 2011 just 3% accessed our site via mobile they now account for 17%. By the way, on our German travel blog that number stands at a whopping 28% given the fact that most visitors come from tech advanced Zurich with the World’s densest iPhone and iPad population.


Responsive web design for different mobile devices


Swiss Travel Writer Club and Guest Blogger

Walter joined the Swiss Travelwriters Club in August 2012.


Walter is a member of the Swiss Travel Writer Club

We promote our photographs via Flickr, Google+, Facebook, and


Walter’s badge

We also publish selected content as guest bloggers via


Recent hotel reviews include the following hotels and their involved PR agencies:


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Please let us know if you have a new opening, special event, etc. We might be able to combine it with our travel plans! or

We are based out of Zurich, Switzerland.

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