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In San Sebastián in the Basque Country there are hundreds of Pintxo bars. Tapas can be found on every corner. Here are my tips for a pintxo tour:

Ideas for a one-week Oman road trip. Tour the mountains near Nizwa, overnight in the desert dunes, relax on a beach-side holiday at The Chedi Muscat.

We highly recommend going on an adventure to a desert camp not far from Al Wasil. It it only takes a 15-minute drive from Al Wasil to get there. So, here is how we experienced our detour to the dunes:

Mauritius is a coveted global luxury destination: the island swarms with 5-star hotels, meals are expensive, the golf courses exclusive. But, this Indian Ocean island ringed by paradisiacal beaches also offers some surprising contrasts.

Dream destination Hvar in Croatia: Many years ago, I was responsible for some of Switzerland’s most renowned travel websites. That was when the elegant Hotel Riva on Hvar Island time and again caught my eye. I imagined the wealthy and the beautiful having an outrageous amount of fun in the hotel, which is fashionably located on Hvar’s seaside promenade. Though I am neither, I finally did make it to Hvar. But, I did not check into the Riva!

Although as a kid I watched movies featuring the heroics of fictional Apache chief Winnetou, I am embarrassed to say that until recently(!) I did not know that most of them were shot in 1960s Croatia, by the Plitvice Lakes and waterfalls among other locations. This fangirl wanted to see for herself…

Take two luxury hotels, add two unique restaurants and mix in two modern farms, combine the six establishments into one and, voilà, a new Swiss hospitality brand is born: “The Living Circle.” Different though the six may be, together they share the same purpose: to create an experience that sophisticated visitors won’t soon forget…

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