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Learning English – the other travel blogroll

After Dave from got inspired by my blogroll, I got inspired myself by his fine English wording ;-)

Hence this little compilation of English terms I picked up along the way while desperately trying to improve my lousy Swiss English.


Dave’s TravelTirement

I’ll start out with Dave’s TravelTirement blog. Given the kind words he has for my own blog I’m tempted to copy all of his fine wording. But I’ll keep it to his ‘appropriate adult beverage in hand‘ description of relaxed travel blog reading in style. Excellent!


Emily’s Don’t Call me Gringa

Second is Emily’s Don’t Call me Gringa blog from Santiago de Chile. I enjoy her humorous English writing style a lot. In her ‘about me‘ page she describes how she changed her writing style over time. Good for her! I’m still looking for a style at all…

Anyway, the description of her garlic preference is too much…

I’m not a huge garlic person as a result, since we didn’t cook with it at home when I was a kid, but I realize that for most people this sounds like a fate only marginally better than death.

Man, the day I’ll be in the situation to craft such a phrase on my own I’ll be a happy man ;-)

And yes, not enjoying garlic sounds like a tough one…

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Calamarata Puglia style pasta dish at Masseria Bagnara near Lizzano, Italy     Sea Bass cooked on Skin with Salty Lemon Salicornia by Michelin star cook Sebastiano Lombardi at La Sommità Relais Hotel





Bill Bryson: In a Sunburned Country

And third in comes not exactly a travel blogger, but an actual travel writer. Bill Bryson that is. His book In a Sunburned Country about Australia is packed with sentences I should have learned by heart. Australia comes to live just based on his few words. The little rarely seen beast (An echidna monotreme if I recall its name properly) that crosses his path in a park in Perth ‘emerging from the undergrowth on one side of the path and proceed with a stately lack of haste toward identical undergrowth on the other side‘ made me laugh out loud! What a description of a simple incidence!