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Mauritius – Indian Ocean island paradise dream destination

Le Morne coastline near Beachcomber Dinarobin

Beach on the west coast near Le Morne

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No wonder Mauritius is known as a vacation paradise: Not only does it boast dazzling white sand beaches, it also has soft green hills and turquoise ocean waters that make a feast for tired eyes.

And it’s not just bikini nymphs and beach boys that get their money’s worth here; it truly is a nature lover’s and golfer’s paradise!

Paradis Golf Course with view of Mont Brabant

Paradis Golf Course with a view of Mont Brabant

But, we also keep hearing how rich in contrasts this many-faceted Indian Ocean island is supposed to be. Let us tell you all about them in our article Vacationing in Mauritius, island of contrasts.

Culture and people

The roughly 1.2 million people that make the island their home – a multi-ethnic mix of many nationalities and faiths – are descended from Europeans, Africans, Asians and Indians and make the island a colorful potpourri of cultures, languages, and religions.

The guys, hanging out on  Flic en Flac

The guys, hanging out on Flic en Flac

They drive on the left here, British-style, but then whenever possible walk around French-style, with a baguette stuck under the arm.

French is also the main language (with a sometimes difficult Creole shading), but, unlike neighboring La Réunion island, Mauritius is not part of the EU.

The climate on Mauritius

Mauritius weather, ranging from pleasantly warm to hot and humid, makes it a year-round destination. The best times to be there are September through December and March through May.

One of the climatic quirks on Mauritius is the contrast between the east and west: the southwest trade winds create a foehn effect over the western part of the island, making it generally somewhat warmer than the island’s east.

Handy facts

Local time: Middle European Standard Time (MET) +3 Stunden hours
Currency: Mauritian rupee (currency code MUR)
Phone prefix: +230
Electric current is 230 V, with English plugs. Swiss two-prong plugs fit without an adapter.

It’s no secret for readers of our blog that we are very partial to design hotels. In Mauritius, near Belle Mare we made the discovery of Long Beach Mauritius that stands out from the rest! And not just barely… This review first appeared in German on The many awesome luxury resorts that line the picture book beaches on Mauritius for the most part are built in the classical, colonial style. However, during one of my Internet patrols, I came across the Long Beach Mauritius. Clearly, here is a difference… Modern architecture at the Long Beach Hotel The hotel’s white,…

Mauritius – the dream island in the Indian Ocean is a coveted destination for many travelers. Little wonder, because Mauritius scores with white sand beaches, luscious green palm trees, and turquoise ocean waters. So, what to go for first? On our recent visit, we collected 15 venues and things you can do for entertainment on the island:

Mauritius is a coveted global luxury destination: the island swarms with 5-star hotels, meals are expensive, the golf courses exclusive. But, this Indian Ocean island ringed by paradisiacal beaches also offers some surprising contrasts.

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