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Long Beach Mauritius – relaunched as «Chapter 2»


It’s no secret for readers of our blog that we are very partial to design hotels. In Mauritius, near Belle Mare we made the discovery of Long Beach Mauritius that stands out from the rest! And not just barely…

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The many awesome luxury resorts that line the picture book beaches on Mauritius for the most part are built in the classical, colonial style. However, during one of my Internet patrols, I came across the Long Beach Mauritius. Clearly, here is a difference…

Modern architecture at the Long Beach Hotel

The hotel’s white, cubistic architecture contrasts hugely with that of the other resorts: Modern proportions, large openings or lamellar shade panels are eyecatchers.

I’m in!

Long Beach Mauritius

Cubistic architecture on Long Beach

Long Beach Mauritius

Designer bungalow

Hotel Long Beach Mauritius

The “Piazza” at the hotel’s heart

Pool Long Beach Mauritius

Even the roof-top pool has that modern touch

The suites at Long Beach

The generously sized suites are decorated in an understated, modern style. Bright colors dominate, and the bathrooms come with tons of space.

Hotel Room Long Beach Resort Mauritius

Room in pastel hues

Bath Room Long Beach Resort Mauritius

Spacious bathroom

The Long Beach Hotel’s «Chapter Two»

The Hotel Long Beach has welcomed guests for the past seven years, but after the recently completed renovation, the design hotel was repositioned marketing-wise with the new «Chapter 2» launching an extensive program that highlights its unique new character as a trendy, bright and cheerful lifestyle hotel.

My take on it: they succeeded big time. A key factor in this achievement was bringing an experienced hotel director in the person of General Manager Jean-Marc Ma-Poon on board to help write this new chapter in the hotel’s history. 

Long Beach GM Jean Marc

Long Beach GM Jean-Marc (right) explaining the «Chapter 2» concept to Walter

Born on Mauritius, he completed his hotel management training in Glion near Montreux, Switzerland and then also spent many years as manager in various global hotel chains – among others, with the trendy W Hotels.

At the Long Beach, this affable, well-dressed gent with the big smile is focused on the four pillars of artistry, cuisine, music, and well-being.

After all, as a hotelier you must differentiate your product. Otherwise, you end up competing only on price, and that can be a killer, as they say. So, in the Long Beach Hotel, they chose to get on the design-and-lifestyle track. As the only hotel in Mauritius!

Hotel Bar Long Beach Mauritius

Hotel bar in the Long Beach

Drinks Hotel Bar Long Beach Mauritius

Fine drinks are also part of the lifestyle

Active relaxation «Long Beach style»

With the re-launch, Long Beach Mauritius opened an exciting chapter addressed especially to the active traveler, defined as the individual looking for «active relaxation» while on vacation.

To quote GM Jean-Marc on the subject:

Many of us lead very active professional lives. On a holiday, we want to take that élan with us and stay active

Be it exhibitions of local artists, pop-up restaurants by international star chefs, mixology and DJ courses, cooking classes or hiking in the wilds — special experiences are on the program here. Examples include:

  • Guests can compete with name star chefs in the kitchen or create their personal favorite cocktails with top-flight bartenders, or
  • they can walk the hotel-owned «endemic natural trail» with native plants. The guided walk just takes 45 minutes, because people only see what they know…or,
  • be rejuvenated in the Cinq Mondes Spa & Wellness Retreat with exclusive care products, or
  • take a painting class with local artists, or
  • take DJ classes, or
  • indulge in traditional water sports like wind surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, or blue water fishing that are naturally also on offer.
Lobby Long Beach Mauritius

Lobby with paintings by local artists

Fisherman Long Beach Mauritius

A fisherman ready for the open sea

Naturally, Jean-Marc and his team also stock up on the obligatory beach loungers and hammocks in their inventory. In all conceivable variations…

Hotel Pool Lounger Long Beach

Make mine the pool lounger…

Canopy bed on the Beach

…or a canopy bed on the beach…

Hammock Long Beach Mauritius

or maybe a hammock after all?

Hammock Long Beach Mauritius

Relaxation is provided for, despite all the activities

Long Beach Mauritius

Just don’t be caught “overdressed” on the beach ;-)

In this very special way, the hotel combines exciting activities with relaxing and wellness. That said, we steered clear of the spa because of the outdoor heat. It seems we sweated enough, as it were, since we lodged there in November at high season.

Long Beach culinary arts

The hotel also emphasizes cuisine: it has no less than 5 different restaurants to enjoy your meals in!

The main restaurant is «Le Marché», which shines with a show kitchen, in buffet style, a very stylish Italian restaurant called «Sapori», one named «Chopsticks» that offers Chinese food. And then there is «Tides», the beach restaurant with local dishes and seafood, and, last but not least, «Hasu» for fine Japanese cuisine.

Beach Restaurant Long Beach

«Tides» beach restaurant

Sapori Italian Restaurant Long Beach

«Sapori» Italian restaurant

Hasu Table set

«Hasu» table set for a group

Hasu Japanese Restaurant

«Hasu» Japanese restaurant

Table Setting Long Beach

Elegance reigns for table settings

Reservations are recommended for all these establishment, the buffet restaurant excepted. The specialty restaurants are extremely popular.

And, finally, in the bar at the center of the hotel, they will mix delicious exotic drinks for you.

Long Beach Mauritius

Exotic Drinks

Hotel address:

Long Beach Mauritius
Coastal Road
41601 Belle Mare
Tel +230 401 1919

Golfing on the Ile aux Cerfs

The close-in island of Ile aux Cerfs is a particularly attractive option for golfers. The hotel shuttle takes duffers from the hotel to the dock from which they tuck-tuck to the island in a small motor launch. This transfer by boat is something of a highlight in its own right!

On this “Island of the Stags” thrives one of the most spectacular golf courses ever.

The “Touessrok” Golf Course, as its officially named, was designed by Bernhard Langer in 2003. The fairways are highly varied, with lots of lush greenery – and they are trappy like crazy.

Ile aux Cerfs tee-off hole 16

The tee at Hole 16

In any event, I lose balls like there is no tomorrow. In the water, among the palms, in the rocks, you name it!

Anyone who, like me, favors an unconventional style of playing – in other words, doesn’t put much stock in a formal, straight-ahead game –  be sure to bring plenty of spare balls!

Spectacular Ile aux Cerfs golf course

Ile aux Cerfs golf course

Besides the Ile au Cerfs course, guest of the Long Beach Hotel can also play on the Anahita Golf Course under special conditions. It is also reputed to be one of the top spots. This time around, we didn’t make it there, since we instead also tested the Paradis Golf Course.

All the other things you can get into while on Mauritius, we collected here for you.


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