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Peru has seen a significant rise in luxury accomodation in recent years. We look forward to its further touristic development.

In the last 10 years the demand for luxury travel to Peru has significantly grown. Nowadays it’s not just a vacation spot for hardy backpackers and hikers, but a destination that serves travellers seeking a higher level of service and comfort. With the majority of international visitors heading to the heartland of the Inca Empire – the City of Cusco, high up in the Andes has seen an influx of high-end and innovative eateries catering to the more discerning traveller. Although there are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from, only a handful actually make the grade. If you are…

The luxury travel industry is always changing to reflect people’s needs and desires when it comes to their global travels. Read on to learn how to travel in style with resources like a jet charter and personal guides.

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