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Flying High in Luxury: Traveling in Style


The luxury travel industry is always changing to reflect people’s needs and desires when it comes to their global travels. Read on to learn how to travel in style with resources like a jet charter and personal guides.

Charter a Jet!

One option for a truly luxurious travel experience is to use a jet charter. You can schedule a flight between any two airports in the world, even including smaller regional airports that may be closer to where you live, and only you and your travel companions are on the plane.

Sunset Learjet by Jet Charter

This affords you more privacy and eliminates a lot of the traditional hassles that accompanies air travel, such as the hassles of security and dealing with crowded airports. This gives you all the conveniences of having a private jet, but none of the upkeep associated with it.

Vacations with a Guide

Another growing trend is a return to vacations with a guide.

However, these guided tours are far from the standard vacations with the masses led by a tour guide on a bus. These are much smaller groups in far flung locations, and often the itinerary is created in large part by the travelers.

The goal is that it is your dream vacation, with a guide to help enhance the experience. The Andean Experience offers customized private trips all over the beautiful country of Peru. The trips can go to virtually any combination of cities and have a guide to accompany you.


In general, the trends for luxury vacations focus on providing the traveler with a unique, customized experience. The economy has made people hesitant to spend money, but when they do they want it to be a special and memorable experience. Both of these trends discussed above focus on customizing the travel experience to suit the unique needs of the individual traveler.

Trends come and go, but the important thing is that you have a memorable and fun vacation. With all of the options and the increasing ability to customize your trip, there is no reason that you should not be able to have what you consider to be a perfect vacation.

Hopefully these trends will get you thinking and inspire you to plan your next unforgettable trip.


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Walter Schaerer’s extensive background in the travel industry, passionate enthusiasm for photography and a firm belief that luxury destinations can also be affordable; were some of the main factors that motivated him to create the travel blog In his day job Walter is an online marketing manager based out of Zurich, Switzerland.


  1. Walter,

    Your description of luxury travel makes me want to get my name on a passenger manifest. But it does make me remember the days when it was a “big deal” to get on an airplane. When Pan Am ruled the airways as the luxury carrier, people got dressed up to be afforded the luxury of air travel. Today (at least in my more casual USA), it isn’t uncommon to see pajamas and a level of blue jean quality that is more appropriate for riding a lawn mower than a 747. Thank you for the brief luxury escape.


    • My pleasure ;-)

      I just recently learned form a report on ‘The Future of Luxury Travel’ that I am in the ‘affordable luxury travel segment’. Hence I shouldn’t write about private air travel, actually…

      But then again we are all aspiring travellers and maybe one day…

      Will write more about the Luxury Travel report shortly.

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