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Travelogues from the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Masses of water fall here during the high season with a deafening roar and pour bucket loads of spray on visitors making for a lasting impression. Here’s our video from a stellar visit on a sunny day.

The spot where the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is located is as unique as the view from here is spectacular: situated on a natural plateau, the lodge is just four kilometers from Victoria Falls and with its exclusive view of a water hole in Zambezi National Park, it promises beastly attractions and much more!

The Zambezi River plummets thundering a hundred meters straight down to make Victoria Falls. But before we get more into it, let’s take a little cruise on the river into the sunset. And they just happen to have a cruise for that here… aptly called, what else, the Sunset Cruise.

It so happened that during our South America travels we had missed out on the Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina. There’s just no way you can be everywhere all the time. So, for our African safari in Botswana I insisted all the more on including Victoria Falls in the itinerary. Just so we could get sopping wet — in brilliant sunshine!

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