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Life by a water hole – Victoria Falls Safari Lodge


The spot where the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is located is as unique as the view from here is spectacular: situated on a natural plateau, the lodge is just four kilometers from Victoria Falls and with its exclusive view of a water hole in Zambezi National Park, it promises beastly attractions and much more!

View over the water hole from the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

View over the water hole from the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Fortune – as luck would have, it’s our driver’s name – transports us from the Victoria Falls airport to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. On the way there, we catch a distant glimpse of the tremendous mist billowing up from the waterfalls that we had also seen earlier from the plane coming in.

Warthog in the lodge's gardenSoon after, in the lodge’s garden, we are greeted by our first warthogs. The little guys are not exactly grace in motion and they aren’t one of the glamorous Big Five, unlike their bigger cousins, but belong instead among the lesser-known Ugly Five. We Swiss office types, however, are pleased to encounter them, as they are completely in keeping with the character of our authentic lodgings…

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Lobby entrance to the lodge

The lodge’s lobby entrance

Lounge with view

The lounge with a dazzling view

The two restaurants, the open Buffalo Bar, and the spacious lounge with library reward us with wide-ranging views of the sunset and a water hole where buffalo, elephants, impala, kudu, warthogs and numerous other, less familiar two- and four-legged fauna congregate to slake their thirsts.

Buffalo herd at water hole by Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Buffalo herd and other fauna at the water hole

Sunset behind the waterhole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Sunset behind the water hole

Circling vulturesEvery day at noon, they feed the vultures at the lodge. A spectacular happening, during which we can observe the carrion eaters from disturbingly close range. Not something for the tenderfoot when hundreds of these huge birds circle in the sky above you! Normally, feeding the wildlife hereabouts “artificially” is frowned upon. But the vultures have threatened status and since they are so important as cleanup crews in the area, the proprietors give them a leg up.

Under their wings, as it were.

Vultures on watch

Vultures on alert…

Vultures feeding

…before they swoop into action.

Suites with a view

The lodge houses its guests in 72 rooms and suites, all of them decorated in striking colors and with stylish interiors. We reside in a split-level unit, with the living area downstairs and upstairs the four-poster bed with mosquito net canopy. And, need I mention it, we have a private veranda overlooking the water hole.

Baboon mother at Victoria Falls Safari LodgeAnd all sorts of gym equipment for the cheeky baboons! Their young make a considerable din cavorting about the woodenwork. Closing the windows tight is recommended, that is, if you don’t want to go hunting for your stuff or the suite’s decorative objects in the bush later.

Obviously, we still inaugurate the veranda as the very top priority. But not until we’ve chased off the baboons with our wild gesticulations and European noises, that is.

Let the vacation begin!

Vacation start with prosecco

A prosecco vacation start

Split-level's living area

Our split-level’s living area

Here you’ll find the relevant information on prices and availability:

Care for a crocodile appetizer?

The view is also terrific from the restaurant where we enjoy service Zimbabwe-style: Today, our waiter is “Talent” – I swear we did not make up his name or the others. If fact, we make sure, a little gingerly, if we had heard the name correctly. To which he straight-out answered: 

Sure. They don’t call me Talent for nothing!

Crocodile teethAfter this seemingly clever off-the-cuff but probably well-practiced remark, we let our talented waiter talk us into a crocodile appetizer. After having breezily agreed to it, however, I start feeling a little queasy at the not overly attractive reptile that now crossed before my mind’s eye. But, when the croc snack arrives, I give myself courage by invoking the motto “other countries, other customs” and resolutely pick up knife and fork, even if still with a slight squint and a somewhat soured mien…

But all the mental turmoil was for nothing: the croc tastes like slightly chewy pan-fried chicken. Bon appetit!

Check! Been there, done that!

The next day, on our Zambezi River Cruise they again offer us appetizer brochettes of crocodile. Seasoned crocodile eaters by now, after we let the staff tempt us a bit, we help ourselves with expressly nonchalant mien and stoic look as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Salmon amuse bouche

No crocodile here – in its place, a salmon amuse-bouche

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Oh! With all this to-do about the waterhole I nearly forgot the main reason for our coming to “lodge” here to begin with: the Victoria Falls, of course! But thereby hangs another tale

Our warm thanks…

to Monika and Miriam with The Safari Source to the recommendation and for booking our adventure!

Great thanks, also, to our waiter Talent and Fortune, our driver. We really grooved on the fascinating philosophical dialogue on fortune on the final transfer to Botswana ;-)

Information on prices and availability:


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