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Dream destination Hvar in Croatia: Many years ago, I was responsible for some of Switzerland’s most renowned travel websites. That was when the elegant Hotel Riva on Hvar Island time and again caught my eye. I imagined the wealthy and the beautiful having an outrageous amount of fun in the hotel, which is fashionably located on Hvar’s seaside promenade. Though I am neither, I finally did make it to Hvar. But, I did not check into the Riva!

Just a few kilometers from the village of Sant Llorenc in northeast Mallorca we discovered a small jewel of a boutique hotel! The stylish finca hotel Son Penya sits amid olive, almond, lemon and carob trees and seekers of serenity and lovers of nature could not ask for a better place to stay!

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge is situated in Northern Chile, hidden at the edge of San Pedro de Atacama’s oasis. The cubic architecture contrasts spectacularly with rugged red mountains in the background.

The rural yet stylish decor and a welcoming staff have you immediately feel at home in one of the driest deserts on this planet…

Perito Moreno is one of the wildest and most remote national parks in Argentina and is named after Francisco Moreno, a naturalist and geographer who explored unknown areas and became an expert (perito) adviser. Perito Moreno glacier drops into lake Argentino offering spectacularly roaring ice breaks. The rugged ice wall is visible from far away but discloses its full beauty only when accessed via tour boats and crampons…

The state of Rajasthan is one of the most desirable tourist destination spots in India. The royal heritage as well as the rich and colorful culture of the state is what attracts people from places all over the world. Samode Palace near Jaipur is one of the best places you can opt for as an option for stay.

St. Petersburg, the city of the tsars, is a perfect destination for people looking for a cultural city trip. St. Petersburg’s history and rich cultural traditions have inspired some of the modern world’s greatest literature, music and visual art.

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