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Visiting Cairns, Queensland, Australia


Based on a impressions from Google Streetview we were expecting a few small huts in Cairns – instead we were completely blown away when visiting the popular and nicely made esplanade, the Bellavista Marina and stylish restaurants and bars.

Stylish Rattle Bum Sports Bar at the Esplanade in Cairns

The Esplanade in Cairns

The Esplanade in Cairns' waterfront

The Esplanade is very popular especially on Sundays when the public swimming pool is well frequented.

Bellavista at the Marina Shopping Centre

The Bellavista at the Marina is a modern and stylish shopping centre by the marina.

Bellavista at the Marina Shopping Centre in Cairns

Besides up-scale restaurants and shops it offers a spacious ‘waiting area’ with internet access points.

Bellavista at the Marina Shopping Centre - Waiting Area with Internet Hotspot

Bill Bryson in ‘A Sunburned Country’ describes his own view of Cairns since it seemed pretty rainy on his visit.



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