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Kangaroo Island 4×4 Tour, South Australia


Kangaroo Island features many of Australia’s attractions on a single large island off Adelaide, but it also has a few additional peculiarities such as sea lions, fur seals and the ‘Remarkable Rocks’ formation. An understatement of colossal dimensions…

Kangaroo Island is a 30 minutes flight southwest of Adelaide. Regional Express ( offers multiple twin prop aircraft flights between Adelaide and Kingscote, the biggest town.

There is also a ferry service available for those who want to bring their own car. 4×4 cars can also be rented, but of course, you miss the guide’s knowledge (and cooking skills). Instead, we booked a 4WD two day tour with Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours. Tour guide Greg did a wonderful job in showing us around on his homeland.


Tour guide and farmer Greg Norman Lake on Greg's Binnowie farm

Flinders Chase National Park, in the western part of the island, features two striking rock formations: Remarkable Rocks – granite boulders that resemble Henry Moore sculptures, and Admiral’s Arch, the habitat of some 6,000 New Zealand fur seals.

Remarkable-Rocks-Kangaroo-Island-South-Australia Admiral-Arch-Boardwalk-Stairs-Kangaroo-Island-South-Australia

Seal Bay, on the southern coast, is where you get really close to smell sea lions. Guided by park rangers, tourists make their way along boardwalks stretched across sand dunes to mingle with a vast colony of sea lions dosing in the sun after returning from days foraging for food in the water.


Coalas can be observed in the Hanson Bay Coala Sanctuary.

Coalas on Kangaroo Island

Stokes Bay is a beatyful beach with a special entry point through the rocks – tides pending…

Stokes Bay beach access point through rocks

Accomodation: We stayed very comfortably at the Seascape Lodge on Emu Bay.


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Travelogue about Victoria, Australia, as published in the Californian VIVID Magazine in their August/September 2011 issue.

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  1. We loved Kangaroo Island and would highly suggest it to any traveler. Always love reading about other travelers adventures. Seal Bay was our favorite, by far, but the whole island is a gift!

    • Walter Schaerer on

      The island is magic! The weather, i.e. light conditions were not favorable for capturing the best landscape shots ever, but we still enjoyed the island a mountain.

  2. Lorian Bartle on

    Kangaroo Island is a bit out of the way but I’ve never regretted making the visit. Its such a wonderful animal preserve. Great writeup and pictures!

    • Walter Schaerer on

      Thanks Lorian,
      Yes, Kangaroo Island is among the most remote places we ever visited. Together with Patagonia, maybe ;-)
      And yes, it’s absolutely worth visiting. It made for one of many highlights of our trip to Australia!

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