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Kings Pool Camp, Linyanti – “camping out” in style


Kings Pool Camp is one of the most luxurious safari camps in the Linyanti Concession. Their motto is “camping in style” and they mean it!

Kings Pool, operated by Wilderness Safaris, borders on the western edge of Chobe National Park and sits right beside the Linyanti River and its splendid Kings Pool lagoon.

The Linyanti Concession (see our report on a spectacular safari there) impressed us with its varied landscape: open savannas alternate with dense riparian forests, mixed bush and the bone-dry Savuti Canal combine for an engrossing background.

Sunrise behind trees near Kings Pool Camp

Sunrise seen from near Kings Pool Camp

After our adventurous Cessna ride over the Okavango Delta we are already eagerly awaited at Kings Pool. Apparently, they had been informed by radio of the reason for our lateness. The guest relations manager, who goes by Se, greeted us so warmly as if we had just missed calamity by a hair. But the delay was due to some hungry hyenas chewing on the tires and tail of our little Cessna.

Relax; it goes with life in the bush. Right?

Whatever. We quickly forget about it as we are received here, too, at Kings Pool, with the traditional “welcome serenade” sung a capella by the hospitable camp employees. Welcome to an African paradise!

Designer open air living room

When we make it to the camp’s common area, which comprises a lounge with restaurant and bar, we feel as if we are entering an African home furnishings exposition, so stylish is what greets our eyes: a giant sun deck with a smart semicircular cushioned lounges and colorful pillows that, for all intents and purposes, serves as the camp’s living room. Naturally, with a sublime view of the Kings Pool lagoon…

Deck with a view

Deck with a view

Katja and Walter in Kings Pool Camp

We so like it here!

This is where the Swedish king supposedly liked to splash around…hence the name “Kings Pool.” But as I spot the giant crocodiles on its banks, I am less inclined to believe the legend. But I don’t get into it… either the subject or the water. Think I’ll skip that swim…

With dusk setting in slowly, rows and rows of oil lanterns are lit and the camp fire is stoked into life. On top of everything, it’s also becoming quite romantic!

Oil lamp in the sunset

Open-air deck at Kings Pool

And here everyone has dinner

Dinner is shared with all guests at the long table


The Kings Pool tents – doubles, to put it mildly

The amazement keeps building, as Se conducts us to our “tent for two.” Here, too, everything is tastefully done, with a hint of colonial style. The first-class canvas tent, with mosquito net and protective reed ceiling, not only has a large sleeping area but also boasts a giant bathroom with double shower (!) that I can only dream of back home! 

Bedroom Kings Pool

Bathroom Kings Pool

And then there is the veranda: a place with lounge, private splash pool (without crocs) as well as an outdoor shower. The ensemble sits on a raised wooden platform, letting us enjoy a privileged view of the lagoon and, in the mind’s eye, of His Bold Royal Highness splashing around in it.

Mamma mia – divinely beautiful!

Patio Kings Pool

Kings Pool at dusk from the tent

View of Kings Pool at dusk from our tent

Culinary flights of fancy

But Kings Pool is also tops when it comes to eating! Just the hors d’oeuvres served with tea or an aperitif are culinary highlights. And, of course, at every meal we revel in the mind-blowing view of the marsh. When a hippo occasionally yawns hugely in the river, the Africa feeling is perfect — and profound!

Lunch table at Kings Pool

Nibbles at Kings Pool

Pastries and cake

We are still trying to absorb all the overwhelming impressions when, on the second day, we’re surprised by Se as she practically dragoons us to one of the two “hides” in the Kings Pool Camp. These are small lodges, hiding places really, from which guests can observe the wildlife up close without disturbing it. But today, the staff have turned the little pavilion into a private restaurant where we proceed to have a delightful tête-à-tête to celebrate Walter’s 50th birthday.

Life is good at 50 and generally!

Food and wine


Boma night at Kings Pool

During our stay, a “Boma Night” is on the program. “Boma” signifies a circular piece of ground out in the open traditionally surrounded by high tree trunks or palisades. Many camps like Kings Pool make it a practice to serve a traditional evening meal buffet-style in the Boma.

But before we settle down to the food, there is singing and dancing like there is no tomorrow. All the employees of Kings Pool Camp, from the cook to the chambermaids and the manager, get into it body and soul and invite the guests to join in the rhythmic doings.

Not that we’re entirely tone-deaf and lead footed, but next to the agile Africans we do feel like slightly clumsy dancing bears… but then, after this warm-up round, they take us by the hand and lead us to the back part of the camp for the next phase of Boma night with the cry “Are you ready for your dinner?”

Warm thanks…

… to Se, for all the wonderful surprises she kept coming up with during our stay at Kings Pool. A big thank you as well to camp managers Kate and Peter, who look after all their guests very affectingly.

Many thanks also to our guides Bobby and AB. How we got stuck in drift sand with these two gents and how Walter, sitting in the jeep and freely sharing his tips on shoveling your way out of a snowdrift, really wasn’t much help, you can read all about here in this Safari blog post.

Guide Bobby wearing Wilderness Safaris fleece with the motto: "Our journeys change lives"

Guide Bobby proudly wears the Wilderness Safari fleece with the motto “Our journeys change lives” – how very true!

And, last but not far from least: many thanks to Monika and Miriam of The Safari Source for the pointers and booking our adventure!

Camping in High Style


Kings Pool Camp's motto is "camping in style" and they mean it!

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