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From February 4 – 9, 2014, the top floor of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart transformed into a gourmet restaurant. Since 2008, the Mercedes-Benz Nights of the Stars belongs among established meeting places for lovers of the finest cuisine and the event has become an integral part of the museum‘s calendar. We took a careful look into the saucepans…

The Mercedes-Benz Museum showcases more than 125 years of automotive history. 160 glittering, shiny vehicles compete on nine levels to stir the gasoline in your veins …in our case especially, because they let us take the first car ever made dating from 1886 for a test drive! But let’s take it one step at a time:

Hotelier of the Year 2003 Kai Hollman caused a stir when he opened 25hours as one of the first affordable Design Hotels in the Budget Deluxe niche catering to a young clientele. What started a decade ago as a party bar with a place to crash for the night has over the years turned into a successful design hotel, but one still with a wink of the eye. Case in point: where else would they hand you a “men’s handbag “at the front desk?

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