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Enjoy Walter’s tips on photography. Sometimes they may also include food photography hints. Walter writes about proportions like the Golden Section or the Rule of Thirds and many other easy to follow photography techniques.

If you are an aspiring food blogger, you’ll find answers here to photography basics you need to get started: the different types of food photography, color management, proportions, i.e. Rule of Thirds and depth of field, and much more.

Blacks is an outdoor and travel gear retailer in UK. They just launched a new international EXPLORE! competition. They want us to showcase our favourite images in the following categories: wild, fast, panoramic and epic.

TravelSupermarket is hosting a photo contest. They ask to submit five photos representing the colors red, white, blue, green and yellow. Can you please help me decide which of the three following options I should submit? I got all confused after sifting through my numerous galleries…

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