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Travel Blogger Photo Contest by TravelSupermarket


TravelSupermarket is hosting a photo contest. They ask for five photos representing the colors red, white, blue, green and yellow.

Thanks Ken Kaminesky for bringing TravelSupermarket’s contest to my attention!

Here’s my proposal of 5 colored photographs.

BLUE: Boys Posing in Front of a Motorcycle

In India you always need to take photographs of objects quickly or you’ll end up with hordes of gesticulating kids posing in front of your camera lens…

Boys in Deogarh posing in front of stylish motorcycle - street photography

Here I was obviously trying to take a photograph of the motorcycle…

YELLOW: Palace Guard wearing a Yellow Turban

Palace Guard with Yellow Turban

More photographs from the colorful trip to Rajasthan are available from my blog here.

RED: Lonely Poppy Flower in Sicily, Southern Italy

Bales of straw and a poppy flower in Sicily, Italy

From an awesome Sicily roundtrip in beautiful Italy.

WHITE: Lavish Masseria Bagnara, Puglia, Italy

Masseria Bagnara is a fairly recent refurbishment. Check out their luncheon offer. You’ll get hungry…

Orange tree on Masseria Bagnara's white terrace in front of blue sky

As seen in Masseria Bagnara, Puglia region, Italy.

Here’s a view of the whole boutique hotel setup.

Masseria Bagnara hotel pool area and main building

GREEN: Vietnamese Traffic Policeman

Traffic policeman during rush hour in Saigon, Vietnam

Here’s more photographs of this traffic policeman at rush hour in lively Saigon, Vietnam.

Travel blogger nomination

These are my nominations:
Jessica Benavides Canepa – the ‘English speaking’ soul behind my silly Swiss English. She gets my writing straight. My German is better over at – To one of my most loyal readers (my mom doesn’t run a travel blog…)

Emily in Chile – fun reading and inspiring photography from South America

European Travelista – Helpful resource for European destinations.

Travel Blog Challenge – How to (potentially) monetize a travel

Thanks for your support, I appreciate!






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