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Travel Blogger Photo Contest – the Long List


TravelSupermarket is hosting a photo contest. They ask to submit five photos representing the colors red, white, blue, green and yellow.

Can you please help me decide which of the three following options I should submit? I got all confused after sifting through my numerous galleries…

Thanks Ken Kaminesky for hinting me at TravelSupermarket’s contest!

Photo Contest Option I: Rajasthan, India

I compiled a few impressions from a colorful trip to Rajasthan. Should I submit this collection to the contest or rather the ones below?

Suggestions, anyone?

RED: Red Fort in New Delhi

Kids playing with pigeons in New Delhi's Red Fort

WHITE: Elegant Bicycle Guy in Jaipur

Guy on a Bicycle in a Market in Rajasthan's Jaipur, India

BLUE: Boys Posing in Front of a Motorcycle

In India you always need to take photographs of objects quickly or you’ll end up with hordes of kids in front of you.

Boys in Deogarh posing in front of stylish motorcycle - street photography

Here I was obviously trying to take a photograph of the motorcycle…

GREEN: Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel Pool in Udaipur

Reflecting illuminated gazebos at night at the Oberoi Udaivilas hotel pool

YELLOW: Palace Guard wearing a Yellow Turban

Palace Guard with Yellow Turban

More photographs from the colorful trip to Rajasthan are available from my blog here.


Photo Contest Option II: Stonetown, Zanzibar

I always knew I would travel to Zanzibar one day for no other reason than its exotic name… “Zanzibar”… how would you not want to travel to a place of that name! Okay, there’s also places called Uagadougou, Dar es Salaam or Jaisalmer and Viña del Mar, but you’ve got to start somewhere…

Anyway, here are my color proposals for the photo contest:

RED: Kids Playing in Stonetown’s Street

Kids learning business bicycles in Stonetown, Zanzibar

This could have been the ‘yellow’ photograph, too. But I’ll explain later why it’s the ‘red’ one.

WHITE: Stonetown Shopping Street

Narrow shopping street in Stonetown, Zanzibar's capital

Shopping Zanzibar style: The streets in Stonetown are very narrow yet atmospheric. And you can easily get lost, the streets all look very similarly!

BLUE: Fisherman’s Business Bicycle by the Beach

Fisherman's Business Bicycle by a Zanzibar Beach

Or should I allow myself into the competition?








GREEN: Shy Girl Hiding Away her Brother

Shy girl hiding away in Zanzibar

YELLOW: High Tech Communication in Zanzibar

Mobile communication and business bicycle in Stonetown, Zanzibar

I know, calling this the ‘yellow photograph’is a bit of a stretch. But since above photos could also have gone through as yellow/green I thought I could get away with it…

More photographs from amazing Zanzibar are available from this post.

Until here I figured mixing photos from different trips would be too easy.

But then I actually read what the judges were looking for in the photos and I came up with yet more options.

So now I’m fully confused.
Life is rough…


Photo contest option III: From all over the world

Should I go with these? And which one exactly?


RED: Lonely Poppy Flower in Sicily, Southern Italy

Bales of straw and a poppy flower in Sicily, Italy

From an awesome Sicily roundtrip in beautiful Italy.

WHITE: Wedding Dress in Masseria Cimino, Puglia, Italy

White wedding dress in Masseria Cimino, Puglia, Italy

Check out the stunning Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy, if you care for exceptional rural stays and a round of golf by the sea.

Or should I enter the contest rather with this shot?

Masseria Bagnara in Puglia, Italy

As seen in Masseria Bagnara, still in Puglia, Italy. I would probably have chosen this one had there been the “Orange” category…

BLUE: Mexican Hacienda or rather Indian Maharaja Palace?

Chairs and vase in front of blue wall in a hacienda in Yucatan, Mexico

Enjoy an exceptional hacienda roundtrip in Yucatan, Mexico!

Gazebo reflection at Oberoi Udaivilas' swimming pool

And from yet another roundtrip, this time again from Rajasthan: Check out the top notch luxury palace Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur.

GREEN: Vietnamese Traffic Policeman or Spanish Golf Course?

Traffic policeman during rush hour in Saigon, Vietnam

More photographs of this traffic policeman at rush hour in Saigon, Vietnam.

Green and bunker at dusk at Buenavista Golf in Tenerife, Spain

From a golf week with golf pro Mischa Peter in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

YELLOW: Nice Lighting in Swiss Hotel Restaurants

Giardino Mountain hotel restaurant in St. Moritz, Switzerland

One of Giardino Mountain‘s hotel restaurants, as recently opened in St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps.

But I could as well see this other restaurant in the competition…

Restaurant in the La Val hotel in Brigels, Switzerland

Fine dining yet again in the Swiss Alps, this time around in La Val hotel in Brigels.

But now – I decided to go with this New York City taxi cab. It’s odd Ken already came up with the same topic, but I will still try this one…

Attentive NYPD policeman behind taxi cab driving by

… it’s not like I was aiming for this shot. I discovered the policeman only while developing the photos from a trip to New York City



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