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Longing for Sylt – Wicker beach chairs by the sea


Sylt, the largest North Frisian island, is known as the “Queen of the North Sea.” After our recent brief stay, we definitely know why…

Colorful beach chairs, white sand beaches, dunes and imposing coastal stretches – this is how Sylt presented itself during our visit. With its stunning variety the island cast its spell over us from the very beginning.

Baltic beach chairs on Sylt

Sylt and its trademark beach chairs go together

Bluff of Sylt’s Uwe dune

Vista from the bluff of Sylt’s Uwe dune

The varied wellness and vacation island offers something for everyone:

The west and north coasts are a paradise just made for bathers, sailors, wind surfers and kite boarders. Golfers on the other hand will find their challenging nirvana in the island’s south: here the Budersand Golf Course with its grand view of the North Sea was laid out in the dunes in a way that lets no one get off the green “unscathed.” We’re still trying to tame our tousled hair and find words to adequately describe the stiff crosswind. Let’s hope we manage to do both by the time we write our soon-to-appear blog article…

And off the island’s eastern part is nothing less than the Wadden Sea that was designated a World Natural Heritage site in 2009 by UNESCO. It is truly a magic draw for all nature lovers!

Ellenbogen lighthouse on Sylt

Lighthouse at the “Ellenbogen” (“Elbow”) in the island’s northern part

But visitors who celebrate lifestyle and culinary arts will also get their money’s worth on the island. For over Sylt’s foodie landscape stretches a heaven filled with incomparable stars! You’ll find everything from beach bistros to gourmet restaurants here! Among the latter, we let ourselves be entertained with food and libations to the highest standards by Alexandro Pape in Restaurant Fährhaus.

Kampen and its thatched roof houses

Kampen is perhaps the island’s most prominent village, with a very special flair replete with glamor and gusto. Clubs, restaurants, bars and handsome boutiques selling exclusive brands invite you to partake and linger in the village with its characteristic thatched roofs.

Bulgari boutique in Kampen

Bulgari boutique in Kampen, Sylt

Luis Vuitton boutique in Kampen

Luis Vuitton boutique

In Kampen, incidentally, is where you will find Sylt’s highest elevation: the Uwe dune that soars to all of 52.5 meters! (Swiss visitors, laughing is verboten!) ;-)
It offers a panoramic view of the entire island. Genuinely beautiful!

View from the Uwe dune in Kampen

View from the Uwe dune in Kampen

Keitum, village of the captains

This idyllic village lies directly on the Wadden Sea and with its venerable captain’s houses spins a very special charm. Picturesque, angled lanes invite you to stroll among cute clothing boutiques, artisanal shops and tea rooms.
#Tip! A visit to the Kontorhaus is absolutely worth it! Containing a home furnishings store, designer tea room, and romantic hotel rooms it is truly a unique place to sample and enjoy.

Keitum the village of captains

The anchor as symbol in Keitum, the village of captains.

Witthüs artisan crafts and pottery in Keitum

Witthüs artisan crafts and pottery in Keitum

The Ellenbogen

The northernmost part of Sylt looks like a bent arm – hence the “Ellenbogen,” German for “elbow.” This is also Germany’s most northerly land location. It is a nature paradise beyond compare! The entire Ellenbogen is a bird and nature sanctuary. Even the sheep have discovered this paradise for their own!

Longing for Sylt – Wicker beach chairs by the sea 4 | travel memo

Cop in sheep’s clothing…the sign says: No vehicles beyond this point.

But on the south shore of the eastern Ellenbogen, the sheep have to share their paradise with wind surfers and kite boarders who find ideal conditions here when the winds blow.

Sheep and kite boarders on the beach at Ellenbogen on Sylt

Sheep and kite boarders on the beach at Ellenbogen on Sylt

Sheep in the Ellenbogen on Sylt

Sheep in the Ellenbogen

You will also encounter many cyclists and hikers here; the Ellenbogen is especially suited for exploration in hiking boots. Of course, you can also reconnoiter the area by car for small fee (toll) of 5 euros.

The A-ROSA Hotel Sylt

The A-ROSA Sylt Resort provided fine lodgings during our stay. Hidden among the protected dune landscape on the Wadden side in the village of List, the sandy beige of the hotel façade blends perfectly with the color palette of the surrounding dunescape. Attractive decorative objects and candles accent the lobby to instantly make you feel right at home.

A-ROSA Resort Sylt

A-ROSA Resort Sylt

The room is furnished in a rather sober style but is generously proportioned and highly functional. The breakfast buffet is superb and very ample! Seldom have we seen such an extensive selection of breads. Heavenly!

Breakfast buffet at the A-ROSA Hotel Sylt

The right way to start the day…

We were also highly impressed by the 3,500 m2 award-winning spa area! The saltwater pool is divided into outside and inside parts – and heated year round (for people like us who prefer to shower warm)! The resort also maintains an exclusive original Thalasso center with its own piped-in seawater facility, six different theme saunas and steam baths with infusions and sauna routines that change daily.

Spa entrance in the A-ROSA Hotel Sylt

Spa entrance in the A-ROSA Hotel Sylt

Another highlight is the “Spices” Restaurant: Served here are fabulous Far East specialties like sushi, maki, and nigiri that are created right before your eyes. We’ll let the pictures tell the story:

SPICES Far East Restaurant

SPICES Far East Restaurant

#Tip! Very close to the A-ROSA Hotel you have the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten. In this “Nature’s Forces Adventure Center” some 1,500 m² of exhibition spaces is devoted to interesting presentations like facts and phenomena covering topics like “Forces of the North Sea,” “Living with nature’s forces,” and “Climate, weather, and climate research.” The Center offers many fascinating interactive exhibits. Involving and highly recommended!

Our thanks go to…

…the A-ROSA Resort Sylt for the pleasant stay and the “Spices” culinary experience!

Warm thanks also to Oliver Sefrin of the German National Tourist Board for organizing this visit and to Martina Bauer of Sylt Marketing for the valuable pointers!

By the way, Air Berlin has daily service to Sylt – and, on weekends, it offers direct flights to the island from Zurich (and back)!



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