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Green and purple everywhere – JUCY rentals


Justine and Chris Tyerman’s wedding guests encounter the “JRW”, the JUCY Recognition Wave.

JUCY Rentals came to the party, literally, in early-February when a weather bomb caused havoc with flights all over New Zealand. All the well-laid plans people had made to meet at Queenstown Airport and car share to Wanaka for a family wedding turned to custard with a plethora of aborted landings, diversions and cancelled flights.

JUCY Rental New Zealand

Picking up our JUCY Rental at Queenstown Airport was super-convenient

JUCY rentals

The vehicle rental agency had offered us a generous bulk deal seeing there were so many arriving by air from all parts of the world so JUCYs were out in force, scurrying hither and yon and ferrying people from all sorts of places they never imagined they would end up when they booked flights to fly to Queenstown… like Dunedin and Invercargill.

JUCY rental Wanaka

JUCYs were out in force ferrying people to Wanaka

In the lead-up to the wedding, our eight-seater JUCY was packed to the gunwales with family members, flowers, vases, food and drinks to feed the masses setting up the marquee and while others zipped around sight-seeing in cars, campervans and motorhomes.

JUCY eight-seater

Our JUCY eight-seater carting flowers to the wedding venue

Some overseas guests cruised Milford Sound on JUCY’s catamaran while others travelled down the West Coast of the South Island and explored the glaciers. They were, without exception, blown away by the scenery.

They were also amazed at the unaccustomed friendliness of fellow road-users. Those driving distinctive green and purple JUCY-mobiles, encountered waves, thumbs-ups, beaming smiles and other friendly gestures from other JUCY drivers and passengers approaching or passing them on the open road.

Having experienced this many times on our travels, we call this the ‘JRW’, the JUCY Recognition Wave, brand recognition and brand bonding on a vast scale. Our guests found it quite astonishing.

On the wedding day, the lakeside Olive Grove venue looked like a line-up for a JUCY advertisement. In the aftermath of the storm, we were blessed with an eye-wateringly clear, high-summer Central Otago day with Lake Wanaka sparkling like diamonds and the tussock shimmering in the sun.

The Olive Grove wedding venue Lake Wanaka

The Olive Grove wedding venue overlooking Lake Wanaka

Next day, the lake edge was lined with green and purple. We even came across a couple of girls drying their washing on the windscreen wipers of their JUCY campervan. Very novel.

JUCY rental Lake Wanaka

A novel way to dry the washing by Lake Wanaka. The girls were delighted to pose for us.

The convenience of being able to pick up a rental vehicle at Queenstown Airport and drop it off in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland makes JUCY a super-popular choice for travellers arriving from overseas.

And JUCY Snooze Hotels in Christchurch, Auckland and Queenstown offer a friendly launch base for travellers of all ages (see my JUCY Snooze story).

The New Zealand-based company has branched out and is now also operating in Australia and the United States. That’s where I’m heading next…


Pick up a JUCY Rental at Queenstown Airport and drive to Wanaka – 60 minutes over the Crown Range or 90 minutes via the Kawarau Gorge, both magnificent scenic experiences. Drop it off in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland.


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