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The Chedi Muscat – hotel of pool superlatives


For years, the Chedi Muscat Hotel has been a must-visit destination. Finally, the chance presented itself to us for a stay at the frequently-praised hotel!

Elegant design

The Chedi Muscat promises exotic Oriental architecture with an Asian element, nourished by the Indonesian roots of the GHM management company.

It must have been years ago that I first came across the elegant design of the extensive hotel grounds on Muscat beach, probably in a travel brochure.

The Long Pool at Chedi Muscat

The longest pool in the Middle East

Price-wise, however, the design hotel for years was beyond my budget and so I had made do with the Chedi Andermatt. True, it is also positioned in the upper price bracket, but at least getting there doesn’t cost an arm and a leg :-)

Exploring the Chedi Muscat

At last, with our Oman journey of discovery  we had the opportunity to explore the storied Chedi Muscat up close and personal!

And, sure enough, the praise our friends lavished on it turned out to be no exaggeration: the hotel is indeed a knockout, all of it magically Oriental in its design aspirations!

Created in a modern, purist style and imbued with Arab style elements, it is happy marriage of Far Eastern tradition with Omani architecture.

Assorted ponds, some smaller, some larger, are strung together Zen style. They are interlaced with many paths connecting the rooms and suites dispersed throughout the gardens.

The Chedi Muscat garden

Oriental garden with pond

The Chedi Muscat hotel review

Garden lounge area


Oriental hotel lobby at Chedi Muscat

Oriental hotel lobby scented with incense

Deluxe Room Chedi Muscat

Deluxe Room

The hotel rooms also are very spacious, but, since the hotel has been open since 2003, not all the functions have aged well. In our deluxe room, the BOSE sound system has seen better years and the light switches are from another era.

I know I’m nitpicking here, but the hotel management really ought to do a little updating now and then.

A rich variety of pool restaurants

There is definitely no dearth of swimming pools at the Chedi. Even though the hotel sits right on the shore of the Gulf of Oman…

The Long Pool

At 103 meters, the active swimmer here will find the longest pool in the entire Middle East.

The spectacularly designed Long Pool is especially attractive in the mornings and evenings, when no one is frolicking in it and the water’s surface mirrors the hotel’s spa wing.

The Long Pool at Chedi Muscat

The Long Pool at sunset

Long Pool at the blue hour

Long Pool during the blue hour

Chedi Muscat Long Pool in der Nacht

103 meters to the next turn

Cabana dining!

It takes some getting used to not having to turn for such a long time when swimming in a super-long pool!

Like the two other pools, here, too, there is a restaurant, dedicated as it were to Japanese and Oriental specialities. All that splashing around in pool after pool does stimulate the appetite…

In the evenings, you need to reserve a table (!) or be prepared to settle for seating outside in one of the adjoining cabanas.

Which, of course, is what promptly happened to Katja and me. But it’s also amusing, because they bring a little table and the food tastes super regardless.

In chaise-lounge style, we treat ourselves to an appetizer of lobster ceviche and tuna carpaccio.

For the main dish, the alacritous waiters bring us grilled scallops in hazelnut butter.

We wrap it up with a crême brûlé and a Chedi coffee.

Dinner in the Long Pool Cabana Chedi Muscat

Katja at dinner in the Long Pool cabana

Scallops served at Chedi Muscat

Scallops served in the pool cabana

The Long Pool Chedi Muscat

Restaurant by the Pool. Good night all!

The Chedi Pool

The Chedi Pool by the 370-meter long private hotel beach is the place to be for a barbeque dinner every Monday and Wednesday evening.

Here, too, we miss out on a table and we get a cabana once more. We’re getting used to eating while stretched out.

The Chedi Pool Chedi Muscat

The Chedi Pool

Cappuccino at Chedi Muscat

Cappuccino time by the pool

Lounge chairs lined up by the Chedi Pool

Lounge chairs lined up by the Chedi Pool

Poolside at Chedi Muscat

Poolside at sunset

The Serai Pool

Serai Pool and restaurant at evening

Serai Pool and restaurant at evening

Serai pool Chedi Muscat

Sun sails above the Serai Pool

We don’t make it to the Restaurant at the Serai Pool because we are eager to try another restaurant: the Beach Fish Restaurant.

Dining beautifully in the Beach Fish Restaurant

At the Fish Restaurant on the Beach also – and especially! – reserving a table is de rigueur, that’s how popular it is. Depending on the season, it should even be done when making the hotel reservation. When we tried to reserve a table at check-in, none were available until two evenings later!

True to its name, the restaurant borders directly on the beach and inspires with its atmospheric interior design and the spacious terrace with ocean breeze.

We opted for the recommended catch of the day, which that day was a Shari also known as Emperor fish. The firm, white meat reminds us of the super tasty South African Kingklip.

The Beach Restaurant Chedi Muscat

The Beach Restaurant

Entrance to the Beach Restaurant Chedi Muscat

Entrance to the Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant Chedi Muscat

Atmospheric dining room of the Beach Restaurant

Appetizer in the Beach Restaurant

“Flowery” appetizer in the Beach Restaurant

Okay,  dinner in the the Beach Restaurant is not exactly a steal. For a two course menu and two glasses of wine we left a casual 230 Swiss francs on the table.

But hey, the food is outstanding, the service very attentive and the sound of the surf hauntingly beautiful.

Attractions near the Chedi Muscat

The resort is a fine base for exploring Muscat.

It is not far from here to attractions like the Grand Mosque, the Opera House, the Mutrah souk and the Corniche or other beaches like the one at Qurum.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque Muscat

Muscat’s monumental Sultan Qaboos Mosque

In the Al Mouj district, golf aficionados will find an 18-hole championship golf course beautifully situated along the ocean.

Al Mouj Golfcourse Muscat

Walter wins a round once more against Katja ;-)

Close by, the modern Al Mouj city district is sprouting up, offering a new lifestyle and leisure destination with promenade, yacht harbor, shopping center, restaurants and cafes.

Anyone planning to travel to Oman will be well served by our Oman country page. There we assembled all the planning tips in one place.

Hotel address

The Chedi Muscat
North Ghubra 32
Way No. 3215, Street No. 46
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

For general information:
Telephone +968 24 52 44 00
E-Mail: [email protected]

Telephone +968 24 52 44 01
E-Mail: [email protected]

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