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Probably Portugal’s Most Enchanting Charm Hotel – Areias Do Seixo


Areias do Seixo is probably one of the most enchanting boutique hotels we have seen in a while. It’s located approximately a 45 minutes drive North of Lisbon, on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, and it’s an absolutely romantic and charming hideaway! We’re happy to award it our travelmemo WOW factor!

When we arrived at the hotel the weather was bad… as in really bad! It was rainy, foggy and windy – certainly not what you would expect in supposedly sunny Portugal. Anyway, in contrast to the unfriendly welcome from “mother nature”, we enjoyed a heartily reception from Marta, Areias do Seixos’ owner and co-manager.

The first thing she offers at the check-in is tea and muffins by the fireplace. What a treat! From this very moment after arrival we knew we would spend a very special time at this outstanding hotel.

Tea and chocolate muffins at hotel reception

Now this is a check-in procedure! Have a tea and muffin…

About Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel

Areias do Seixo was built in complete respect and harmony with nature.

Night view of Areias do Seixo boutique hotel

Night view from the beach
© courtesy of Areias do Seixo

The architecture is modern and cubic and nicely contrasts the undulated landscape. The dominating building materials include the regional pebble stone (“seixo”), concrete, wood and glass.

Areias do Seixo boutique hotel lounge fireplace

Lounge and fireplace by night
© courtesy of Areias do Seixo

But the hotel’s true highlight is the decoration and interior design which is totally unique. The decorators got inspired by different ambiances from Morocco, India and the African savannah. Photographers will love this place since they find countless motifs. We rarely had such a hard time selecting our best-of gallery, hence the large number for this one…

And there are many romantic spaces – not only in the hotel but also in the exterior spaces. This place is just magical!

Decorative suitcase and candles

Decorative suitcase and candles

Oh, and by the way – from the hotel you can walk to the sand dunes and the Atlantic ocean. Due to the bad weather we skipped this part, though…

So, if you’re looking for a romantic, a relaxing or an authentic vacation – you have come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Hotel Rooms at Areias Do Seixo

The 14 romantic rooms are all different from one another! The only common thing is that they all come with rustic fireplaces or wood stoves. And all of the rooms offer a view of the ocean and the sand dunes.

Fireplace in one of the hotel room.

Fireplace in one of the hotel room.

We had the room “Mi Ma Bô” – which means “you and me” – and this was one of the most atmospheric rooms we have seen in a long while. When we entered the room we felt totally overwhelmed! The combination of different materials as well as the decoration and atmosphere – just awesome!

Mi Ma Bô hotel room

Mi Ma Bô hotel room

Furthermore we had a private wooden deck with our own jacuzzi! We were speechless… what else can you wish for? Except maybe for good weather?

Restaurant at Areias Do Seixo

The restaurant looks rather like a “grocery store” where you can find olive oils, jams, teas and various herbs. It’s an absolutely unusual decoration for a restaurant, but it’s so special and romantic!

Restaurant decoration

Restaurant decoration

The food is delicious and most of the ingredients come directly from the garden and greenhouse next to the hotel.

The Spa at Areias Do Seixo

The spa offers a variety of treatments such as a hot-stone massage or the traditional Indian ayurveda massage Abhyanga. Furthermore, guests can enjoy the use of a Turkish bath and sauna or relax in the outdoor pool or in the relaxation room.

Spa relaxation area

The Proprietors on the Construction and Environmental Sustainability

During our stay we had the chance to interview Marta Fonseca and Gonçalo Alves, the two creators and proprietors of this spectacular charm hotel.

Hotel owners Gonçalo Alves and Marta Fonseca

Hotel creators and owners Gonçalo Alves and Marta Fonseca

They explained how the construction of the hotel was developed with constant consideration of a harmonious intervention with the surrounding nature. Most of the wooden left overs from a heavy storm back in 2009 were used for decoration, tables and furniture. Environmental sustainability was a big concern, hence the use of geothermal energy and solar power.

Together with the help of architect Vasco Vieira and the two designers Rosario Gabriel and Isabel Schedel, Marta and Gonçalo created a truly marvelous hideaway gem. Very well done!

Here are some more impressions from our stay at this enchanting charm hotel. It’s a must-go when traveling to this central Portuguese area!

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